What Do You Think Of This Name?

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  1. Kaylee Ari Vera
    I think that the 'ee' and 'i' at the end of first two names are redundant sounds, which is bad for a name.. However Ari is my favorite middle name so far. It's short and a little bit exotic.
    What do you think, what would you change?

  2. Sounds like a lotion named after Kaylee Snachez the porn star  :eek:  :smoke:  :smoke:
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    maybe Ariel as the middle name?
    pronounced like are-i-el instead of air-re-l?

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    Too many vowels, not enough consonants. Sounds like you're trying to hard to sound exotic.

    I like Nyxierawr's idea, though. If you add another syllabel with a sharp ending it's easier to pronounce and has a nice ring.
  5. That is a great idea, but I really dislike the name Ariel.. Ari was from "Arianna" but I dislike that name too. :p What about Kaylee Bay Vera?
    Except that rhymes, and that's not good..
  6. I think that sounds good. The whole name sounds good if the middle name is one syllable. Bay, May, Anne, Lee, Faye, Jo. W/e
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    I like Axlerod Eporue Deadeye 
  8. Thank you for your input, everyone. :) I agree with the one syllable thing. But it's hard to get exotic in one syllable you know! I've been trying... But if it's not exotic it just sounds way too American! Kaylee Jo Vera. I just don't think so...
    Anyways I just got another one, Kaylee Demure Vera! Demure you make a good last name too...
    Kaylee Ari Demure?
    Still same problem... -___-
  9. Don't want to change the Kaylee?!
  10. Hahah no, definitely not. And preferrably not Vera either but that one is less important.
    Hey, what about just Kaylee Aria Vera?
    That makes the 'ee' not rhyme with Ari but really just changes it to rhyming with Vera.... But maybe rhyming is good. Could make it sound...lyrical?
    Kaylee Ari Vera or Kaylee Aria Vera?
  11. I'm starting to really like Demure though... Boy, this probably didn't help. Just gave me more ideas. :laughing:
  12. Kaylee Ari Demure
    Kaylee Demure Vera
    The latter ^^ sounds like a fashion brand.
  13. OR Kaylee Aria Demure
    because that way it fixes the rhyming thing.
  14. why are we naming your child??
  15. She changed the last name so i don't think we even are naming a baby.
  16. Probably just a theoritical name naming kind of thing :smoking:
  17. Good thinking. Smarter than the other idiots at least.
    Even if I were, why would you complain about it, "Dillinger"? It's not like you are a part of the 'we' anyways..
  18. Good, I don't want to be part of your team of decision makers anyway
    But I think you should try thinking for yourself if you're going to call other people idiots

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