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What Do You Think Of My HomeMade Pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thecpk, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Here are some pictures, its pretty much a sort of aspirine tablet container and i used this metal bowl thing and made a hole and stuck it inside and covered the excess holes around the bowl with some sort of play doh. I can cover the mouth area with a lid which is pretty cool.

    1. Should I make a small carb ( knife+10 seconds=carb lol)
    2. What else can i use to cover the holes around the bowl cause this sortof playdoh does not hold the bowl too well and gets dirty queit quick as any dust or dirt sticks to it.
    3. What do u think. Could it be just as good as an actual pipe
    4. Are the holes in the bowl too small?

    Tell Me If You Can See The Attached Pictures

    :smoking:Whatever It Takes:smoking:

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  2. Looks like it would taste bad... I don't see why it wouldn't work. And A carb would be fine, you should turn that into a shotgunner. Big hole in the back.
  3. Personally u wouldn't smoke from anything plastic or from around the house. That's just ne being paranoid
  4. Plastic is baaad. I just got a half foot bong today for 9 bucks :p
  5. I bet OP knows plastic is bad. Ever take into account that he might not be able to buy a glass piece? No Money? No Headshops?

  6. so, its not worth inhaling plastic over....make a apple pipe brosky...
  7. Cool

    Can someone answer the questions in my original post

    I tried it yesterday with tea ( to not waste weed in case it was shit) and it hit sooooo well with massive hits. The only problem? After taking off my mouth i realised that some smoke just stayed in the pipe so i wasnt getting the whole of this pipes potential.

    I realised i had to make..... a CARB. I quickly made a carb on the side of the pipe near the bowl and tried it today with tea again ( if it was shit) and OMG i hit it really hard and had a huge hit and released the carb and the rest of the smoke rushed soooo fast into my lungs. Amazing. I think ill stick with this for a while. :)
  9. Buy a reaaallll onneee. Then ya won't have to seek answers for those questions.
  10. Did the tea get you high
  11. No just relaxed. Camomille

  12. no id. lol
  13. Buy a pipe screen to get rid of the play-doh crap.
  14. Buy a decent $20 glass bowl and thank yourself later.
  15. Tea gives off a lot of smoke when burnt, so your hits will not be that big with weed.

    Get a glass bowl.
  16. #1 Get some glass Asap. plastic isn't good to smoke out of often

    If you're going to make homemade bongs and pipes best things to use are:
    -stainless steel sockets (bowl)
    -hot glue gun
    -bic products (cheap stem or pipe)

    Uhhh burnt playdough im sure that makes for healthy lungs.
  17. #17 bto4, Aug 17, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    You're on an iPhone, I can tell from your spelling mistakes lol.
  18. I Think Its Very Cool Dude. Nice Pipe.

    cwutididthr :cool:
  19. You onslaught urination remember.

    Peoples instincts proclaim evil.

    Stop urinating cause killing sucks.

    cwatIdidthere? ;)
  20. Guys. I'm not inhaling plastic or play doh. I have a metal piece that does not melt and that's all that the flame touches.

    My question is. Is there any way to cool the smoke down. Cause water seems kinda stupid in a pipe

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