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what do you think of mexican weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by casp3r420, May 22, 2010.

  1. #1 casp3r420, May 22, 2010
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    im from mexico and i can get a lot of good cuality marijuana for a cheap price but what do you think of it? i get a lot of high mids but not too many dank
  2. I live in London and wish I could get my hands on some real dirt cheap weed. Pick up a couple pounds of the stuff. I can only get high quality herb here, it's a fair price and all, but I wish I had access to really cheap weed that I could just experiment and fuck about with.
  3. It will work in a pinch.:smoke:

    When I lived in Louisiana I had a hookup that got "fresh" Mex, was pretty damn good:D:smoke:
  4. Only smoked brick weed from Mexico, so based on that, it sucks.

    Never smoked any dank from Mexico yet.
  5. I don't. ONLY if i can't get anything else!
  6. fuck mexicos shitty ass weed
  7. im mexican and i grow, does that make my weed mexican weed?, shits dank tho
  8. I'm sure Mexico' got some good shit, I mean hell, it is where Acapulco Gold came from. It's just that all of their shit is grown for maximum profit so quality goes out the window. Plants are grown in huge quantities and of course males aren't taken out so all the plants herm out into regs. Then it's all packed into bricks for smuggling.

    I'm sure there's fire in Mexico, I just haven't had the opportunity to experience it.
  9. I get some bomb ass Mids for 80$ a haalf
  10. AHAHA 80 A HALF? ur getting fucked, i pay no more then 75 a ounce for mids
  11. Same thing I think of Mexicans girls. As long as it looks decent and is clean. I'd hit it.
  12. When i was in Costa Rica we got some really legit herb, im deff. a fan
  13. costa rica is not mexico
  14. This man makes a good point.

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