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What do you think ill yield? Pics, details

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Covah, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Week 4 flower

    7 plants

    5 northern lights #5

    1 LA confidential

    1 Hindu kush


    They are in a 4x4x7 dark room

    12/12 light (duh)

    600 w metal halide

    Room temps are 75 degrees

    4 northern lights are in botanicare coco, along with botanicare nutes.

    The other three are in m3 soil

    All l,ants are on average 12" tall, some a bit taller when they first got switched to 12/12

    All have multiple tops, and have been LST'd and super cropped this week (week 4)

    Here's the most up to date picture





    The bigger one is Hindu kush, she's 22" tall right now!

    If I missed anything let me know, this is my 2nd grow, and don't know what I'll end up with.

    Thanks for the input!

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  2. That's like taking a picture of your dinner and asking how big your morning dump will be.
  3. Pancakes, Thanks man, I needed a laugh this morning. That gave me a good chuckle.
  4. LOL :hello:

  5. image-1620041727.jpg

    Well? What do ya think I'll poop?
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  6. I will guarantee at least 16 WET ounces.

  7. Yo, there is NO WAY that makes it until morning. :bolt:
  8. Lol, well we can accurately predict bowel movements, but, unfortunately; not cannabis yield SMH
  9. Lol, that's for damn sure

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