What do you think about your BODY?

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  1. I mean this not just with looks; - Is your body a piece of shit? Does it work well? Does it fuck up sometimes?

    Or is it a well-maintained machine??

    If you can have a body transplant, would you?

    And when I say body, I also mean EVERYTHING (different metabolisms, even mental things like mental illnesses, etc etc...

    I personally think I lug around one of the biggest piece of shit meatbags around. Everything about it sucks. Ughh.

    Don't ask... :smoking::smoking::smoking:

    But enough about me - what about you guys????
  2. my body is not aligned properly so i find it hard to see my body as a well oiled maintained machine.

    one day i will reach my mental projection of what my body is. i practice le parkour so my body is beautiful and oh so capable. if my knee and hip and back and ankle and neck and shit werent out of alignment i would be much happier.

    i dont eat well or take care of my body because i feel it has failed me, though i have failed it. my teeth are fucked up and my nose constantly makes me sniffle and snort.

    i also am usually slightly constipated from not eating as much as i should i guess. once i figure out my body alignment problems i will begin to train my body to reach my physical peak.

    im not really sure what the fuck im waiting for.
  3. im pretty athletic so im usally in shape.

    overall im pretty satisfyed

    i eat alooottt lol
  4. I feel you, man. I feel my body has failed me as well. It's weird how I see it. It's like I can completely differentiate 3 elements that make me up - mind, body, and soul.

    Mind would be the physical part of your thoughts (including mental illnesses), your body is obviously just the physicality of you, and the soul would be how you really are deep down inside. These 3 are always fighting against eachother.

    With that said, I love my soul, but I can't fucking stand my mind and my body. :mad:
  5. I wish I knew what that was like. I have a really low metabolism, so getting in shape would take so much work, it's almost not worth it.
  6. I'm about 6'4 and 145 pounds. My weight needs to catch up with me. I try to eat a lot while eating some healthy foods. Overall though someones body is just minor reflection of themselves. I'm happy with mine.
  7. I have a nice build, but I have physical flaws that just fuck me over. I can't seem to get over them. I used to eat healthily and never did drugs; now I'm just quitting smoking and eating like shit. I used to do sports, now I don't, but I still workout/exercise.
  8. man i used to say the same thing, but then i started practicing MMA and i lost like 20 pounds in 3 months and now im only working on getting that oh so desired six pack... i think im starting to see the high part..... ooh and MMA is soo coooool when your high.:smoking:
    i recommend MMA, muay thai, jiu jitsu, or anything like that to: EVERYONE!:hello:
  9. I'm short and build like a fucking bulldozer. To put it into perspective, I'm about 157cm tall, and I'm quite a bit broader at the shoulders than my sisters boyfriend, who is 200cm tall. I used to struggle with my weight because I always had delayed growth (didn't really hit puberty till I was about 14), but now my body has matured and I look noticeably more muscular than fat. This is wonderful to me, because in high school I struggled with self-esteem issues - but now I look the best I've ever looked in my life, and I'm only getting fitter due to imposing an exercise and weights regime.

    That said, my body is hardly a well oiled, precision killing machine. I'm pretty bloody strong, but not fast and I have little endurance as far as running goes - more often than not, I trip over my own feet or otherwise spectacularly fuck up any kind of coordinated physical activity, due to being an uncoordinated retard with anything that requires such things. I eat fairly well, I've never been a junk food person, but I could certainly eat more healthily and thus have a healthier body.

    As far as interesting physical titbits go, I have ulnar variance, meaning that my wrists can't turn around properly and I can't lay my palm flat out in front of me. It's not confirmed, but I'm very suspcious there's something similar going on with my legs - I can't kick a soccer ball straight on, I have to curve into it because my legs don't 'kick straight', if that makes sense. I have an almost non-existant metabolism, shit's so, so slow. There is also a wart on my hand that I bit off and it suprisingly hasn't grown back whatsoever :p

    As far as mental things go, I used to have fairly bad OCD. More the obsession side of it, I used to get into 'repititions' where I literally could not stop thinking and envisioning horrible, horrible, sick stuff - for example, my dog being tortured or my father being executed brutally. It was absolutely awful, I used to count repeatedly as a mantra sort of thing to clear my mind and stop these thoughts - for a while, anyhow, but that was a trap and I grew quite reliant upon observing these stupid little counting rituals I had made. Eventually, it got out of hand and I got medicated, which I hated and have now abandoned such medication in favour of bud and having an awareness of what the problem is and how to stop it. I also SUPPOSEDLY have Aspergers Syndrome, but I don't accept that. I personally don't even think it's a disorder, syndrome or anything at all - I think it's a goddam fad for rich whingey mothers to cling to and a stupid label for people who are a bit 'different'. Being 'different' doesn't mean it's a syndrome worthy of medical diagnosis, it's simply an alternative way to be wired up in the brain. Finally, I have synesthesia, I see colours when I hear music. I actually thought everyone did until I was about 8 or 9 and my Dad was like "Nawww, that's not normal yo!" and said knowledge was gained.

    So, now that my expansive stoned ramble/snivelfest is over, I think I shall go do some push ups for great bodily efficiency :D
  10. I'm 160 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal
  11. What's up with all these kids associating themselves and identifying themselves as their bodies? Ugha

    The body that embodies me (heh) is kind. It allows me to use it as a tool, a device to get things done I would otherwise find impossible. I try to take care of it to the best of my ability, seeing how this is the machinery I will be using for some amount of time. I don't exercise it, but I do feed it good food (vegetarian ;) ) and keep it clean. Other than that, it is a good body just like any other body and allows me to get shit done, like type this. :)

    Some people like to decorate their bodies (six packs, muscles, makeup) but I like mine the way it is, in its natural breathing state with no effort to transform it into something I don't find it to be. I don't understand this muscle thing, it's not like anyone is going to put the muscles to good use. It's like an add-on that you never use.

    Otherwise than that, my body serves me good and I do enjoy activities that unite my body and my mind at once (slacklining, walking, bike riding, ecstatic dancing etc). Treat it well, its your machine so keep those gears oiled up and grinding.
  12. +REP YEM.
    Copypasta his post.
  13. My body is hungry...
  14. Everything is perfect. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be the way it is.

    And yeah, it'll be more perfect next...

    "I know the pieces fit because I watched them tumble down"
  15. it feels like me
  16. i think about my body what my body thinks about me:cool:
  17. Im happy with my body, although I wouldn't mind adding an inch or two to my penis, that would be nice.

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