What do you think about Vaporizers??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by jigen8, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Wassup GC, i was jus wonderin what you think about vapes. I'm getin a Vapor Bros vap tomoorwo.
  2. I have a vapor bro's, they're quality vapes. You'll love them, they're amazing smoking devices, are good for your throat and lungs, conserve weed and allows you to get a great high with full taste. Very happy I bought one.
  3. yeah gotta have a vape in your arsenal
  4. I live in Vancouver and recently went to the (public) vapour lounge, where smoking weed is legal!!! So I walked in and tried one of their volcano vapes...

    and I jizzed in my pants.

    lol i had to throw that in there
  5. I've always wanted to try a vape, but their so expensive...and I have no place to put it!
  6. da buddha vape, good warranty on it plus a video of someone hitting it with a hammer, and it still works...... Would like to see anyone say the same for vape bros or a cano......
  7. And what's the point of these vapes? In our country the most common method for smoking is joints. Actually we don't use vapes, pipes, bongs & etc.
    If there is someone which is patient and ready to explain i'll appreciate that. And i heard that with vapes the weed lost some % of the THC is this true. I'm really wondering what's the best method to absorb THC - joints, vapes, pipes, bongs & etc.?
  8. Actually, vapes are more efficient than anything else. You will use less weed.
  9. I have a freind who owns a 600 dollar volcano vaporizer adn that thing is awesome. The problem with it, is that its not really as fun you know?
    its good on the lungs, it gets you high, but a much different high thatn...usual i guess

    they are a good investment if you want
    -to save weed
    -save your lungs
    -more...but i cant remember lol

  10. MUCH healthier. No smoke therefore no toxins such as carbon monoxide and tar.

    More efficient. You will use at least half the weed to get to the same high as you did with smoking.

    Tastes better. No smoke to cover up the great taste of weed.

    Less smell. Hardly any smell at all and what there is does not linger around.
  11. I like vaps but I've found that it give a much more lethargic and lazy high than just plain old smoking.

  12. That's odd. The general consensus is that a vape high is a more energetic, clear-headed cerebral high.
  13. I don't get that at all. When I smoke I can be active and continue my daily life with little difficulty. When I vap I mostly just melt into the couch and watch Planet Earth :smoke:
  14. I think it mostly depends on the weed you smoke. If you smoke sativa through a vape you will definately get that clear headed, head high. But indica or mids through a vape and I'm usually on my ass doing nothing but couch locked heh.
  15. vapes are the bomb. i got my VB last tuesday, and i've only smoked once since when i was at a friend's house. i was a daily bong smoker, and like most i just like smoking out of a bong; so i got the GonG adapter for the vape, and i couldnt be happier (or higher). seriously though, first time i hit the vape i got so high i didnt know what was going on; i just didnt expect it

    best investment i've made, bar none

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