What Do You Think About This Triple Honeycomb

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Harrisonbrtn, May 24, 2013.

  1. Im thinking about getting this? does the honeycomb art on the top look good or bad i really tell if it will look good in person, what do you think?
    what do you think i should pay for it ?(its new)


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  2. 100-120 tops
  3. Dude that's fatt.  I love honeycomb percs.  100$ tops tho.  Unless is handblown glass, I like me some handblown honeycombs.

  4. Definitely looks nice. I would pay 100ish. Maybe a little more.
  5. do you think i should get get one plain without that green honeycomb art stuff?
  6. Why are u asking people what one you should get? Don't u have any individual creativity?
  7. i designed this,
    sent plans to a factory in china but they sent pictures back with it looking not as i had hoped, so i was just asking what the community thinks if it looks good or not and how much it could sell for......, was just going about it in a weird way
  8. What we really need to see is a milk vid!

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