what do you think a stoner looks like?

Discussion in 'General' started by DankNugz420, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. what do most of you concider the "stoner" look. most people wouldnt know i smoke becuase i dont dress like one?! im not like pretty, but im not goth, or emo and anything. i usualy just wear shorts and awhite tee with like adidas.

    opinions? :confused:
  2. Anyone with droopy red eyes pretty much. I don't notice a pattern in smokers I've been around.
  3. yea i dun fit the typical stoner profile either.....no one would ever suspect that i smoke unless ive told them explicity......then again, a lot of smokers i know dont necessarily fit the stereotype either, but thats exactly why its just a stereotuype
  4. what about the other one/./?
  5. hahaha yeaa
  6. Uhh, When i see someone smokin, I know they a stoner haha. Which people smoke like everywhere so i know whos a stoner. But shit, Like everybody and they ma's smoke hah.

    Stoners come in all shapes, Sizes, And forms.
  7. I always spot stoners because:

    1. They have a stone in their hand.

    2. They're throwing the stone at someone.
  8. roor shirt
  9. It looks like this, baby.

  10. Heres some caught in their blatant act:


  11. Filthy stoners.
  12. i searched "stoner" on google...this is what came up....btw, out of all the stoners i know NONE of them look like this:
  13. LOL! freaky haha
  14. I'm not even close to joking when I say i have 3 cousins who look exactly like that. Dreds and soulpatch.

    That kids has messy dreds though, he needs to re-turn them.
  15. hahaha i think thats what most people think stoners look like. not many people can tell i smoke unless theyve been smoking for a while too and can see the tell-tell signs

  16. Hook a sista up!! Dreds are hot! Shiiiiiiit..... lol, I :love: dreds. I've always wanted to dred my hair.

    Anyway, danknugs, I don't really have a specific style either and people who don't know I smoke wouldn't know by my clothes (unless they smelled like mj of course, hehe). But I like smoking in certain clothes, like my sublime shirts. More stoner-esqe? Am I making sense? Am I spelling things correctly? lol, wow, I'm out of it...

  17. haha hell yeah :smoking: :bongin: :hippie: :smoke:

    i also have never met a stoner who lokked like that

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