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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tangeroo, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. Hey all, I was just wondering what kind of weird shit you and your friends talk about when you're stoned. My friends and I start off talking about normal stuff and then as we get more caned the talk gets weirder and weirder, and often we forget what we're talking about halfway through saying something. It's so fukking funny :p

    The other week four of us were smoking in my garage. I can't remember all of what we talked about but one thing we did was come up with this gangster soap opera. Each of us had a gangster character, and the idea was to smoke a bit, pass on the J, and while the next person was smoking you told a bit of the story about your character. That way the J kept going round and the story kept going with everyone adding their bits. My character was called Extreme and kept doing stuff like driving off cliffs and blowing up buses :p Eventually my character killed herself and ended up in Heaven with another character and Jesus, smoking dope and eating doughnuts. Then we stuffed a bunch of doughnuts with weed and rained them down on the Earth to make world peace and happiness for all people :p

    Today my friend and I went and got stoned together and ended up writing a comic. We were having a sword fight with some sticks (like you do) and they broke into all these little twigs. My friend started peeling the bark off of one twig and when I asked why she said she was stripping it because she wanted to rape it, and that she was a man :p I decided we should call her Twig Man, but then thought that Twig Man would be a man of twigs, and made a little man out of all the broken twigs lying around. We came to the conclusion that there was a human who raped twigs and a man made of twigs who fought him. I decided I wanted to remember what we'd been talking about when I sobered up so I drew a comic. Go look at it and tell me how screwed up in the head I am! :p

    So I want to hear what's some of the weirdest, funniest, strangest stuff you talk about or do when you're stoned. Don't be shy :)

  2. One time, me and a bunch of my friends were sitting around smoking and drinking. We decided that we wanted to play drinking games, but we didn't have any cards! So, our creative juices started working and we began to make cards out of paper. We each made a suit, but instead of spades, we made mushrooms, and instead of hearts, we made joints and leaves. The cards turned out to be awesome, except that in our twisted state, all of us had accidentally made a 1 for each suit, not realizing the there is no card #1! We all had a big laugh about that one, but decided to play with the 1's in honor of our stupidity.
  3. nice cartoon tang ;) congrats, made me laugh, but cant think of any stories at the moment, even though there are lots
  4. ROTFLMFAO!!!! Very funny tang!! Done some crazy stuff, but never had the cool imagination you have!!
    Will look forward to another installment of "SuperTwigMan" LOL!! :hippie: :smoking:
  5. It seems when i smoke with other its bring out a strong philosophical side in me. One of the weirdest deepest conversation i had with a friend. We were gazing up at the stars contemplating the size of the universe.

    I once gave a piece of wood on the side of the road a life story from his infancy as just a spirt to his glory days as a mighty tall tree in the decidious forest to his eventual demise to be cut down and chopped up only to be turned into a gate. That got me to a tear.
  6. way more original than my stoned ramblings... cute comic :D

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