What do you spend the extra money on?

Discussion in 'General' started by My Fax, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. When you're shopping for clothes/food/whatever, what do you spend the extra money on?

    Shampoo is a big one for me. I don't really comb my hair or do much with it, but cheap shampoo just makes it feel really uncomfortable. I'll spend the extra few bucks to get some really good shampoo that'll leave my hair silky smooth.

    It's not really shopping, but I hold no expense on my heating/electric bill. If it's freezing outside, I don't care about the money at all. I'll crank up the thermostat to get it nice and toasty warm inside. Same with running the A/C if it's really hot outside.

    What about you guys?
  2. Glass, without a doubt.

    I've been collecting for a few years now and I just cant bring myself to buy a cheap piece of glass. I always fork out the extra money for the real heady shit.

  3. I agree with the shampoo thing. I got black hair ( natural, not that Jet Black Emo shit), and I nice shampoo/conditioner got my shit lookin' fresh :D.

    I usually save up my extra pocket change for the weekend. I'll end up with an extra $20+, which is nice to have. If I can't think of anything off my head that I need, I'll save it.
  4. My car, guns, ... other shit.
  5. Hookers and food.

  6. Haha, exactly. I'll pay a few extra bucks for a bomb sack for sure.

    Oh, cigarettes too. I could save quite a few bucks a week if I didn't smoke Kamel Reds.

    I can't really think of much else though, I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying clothes, food, etc.
  7. Munchies. FTW. Or random new drinks I haven't tried before.
  8. new kidney.
  9. cigs, beer, going out, eating at good restaurant's, 2 cars to take care of, drinking Grey goose, patron, jack,etc, cohibas, clothing/sneakers, maintenance (hair cuts, work out stuff, etc), buying random stuff (digis, ipods, computer stuff), art supplies, weed, other drugs besides weed; more stuff
  10. 90% of my money is spent on drugs, the rest is wasted.
  11. The extra money i have left over after buying herb and paying bills and giving myself a lil extra to survive on goes to my lady. Shes having a tough time going thru nursing school(she has less than 1 year left) and if i dont got her back, who does? She does the same for me so its all good.
  12. money is money to me...i wouldn't really call it extra money, its more like disposable income.

    ive spent thousands on glass, electronics, clothes...shit

    i got soo many diff shoes, jordans, bapes, air forces

    i believe i am going to order this pair tonight, soo fly.


    everything else goes towards food and beer and the occaional sripper :D

  13. Good soap and shampoo, as you said.

    Good Earth soaps, handmade soaps with nice scents, 4 bars for $15...

    Aveda Shampure shampoo, good stuff. Good stuff.
  14. nice to see a fellow head @ gc

    I like these http://www.flightclubny.com/p.php?fc=ny&c=aj&i=010550

    edit found these: http://www.flightclubny.com/p.php?fc=ny&c=af&i=020765 cheaper than sneakerhead, don't know if they have your size though
  15. i will always spend the extra money on toilet paper and tissues. thats mine
  16. Guns and ammo(ammo prices keep getting higher and higher), or a video game or going out to eat, but i buy way to much random shit i dont need, but looks badass at the time and later on that day i feel so stupid for buying it
  17. Im old school, I like to get a straight razor shave. There is something so good, about the hot lather, and then that glorious scraping of the straight razor. BEST SHAVE EVER!

    outside, my biggest weakness is movies. I have a huge collection everything from Casa Blanca to Zoolander

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