what do you prefer?

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  1. what do you prefer smoking out of? ex. joint, pipe, etc...
  2. depends. on the quality of weed. all i get is dank but im just saying lol.

    1. glass bong with perc
    2. blunt wrap
    3. quality glass pipe
    4. joint
  3. blunts are the BEST
  4. Conserve: waterfall or gravity bong

    Sit outside at night: bowl

    Go out with friends: joint or blunt

  5. Wouldn't it be to conserve: pipe?
    go out with friends: joint or blunt
    Chillin with a few friends: a bong
    have money and weed to burn: super blunt ha
  6. Bongs, pipes, vapes and all that stuff is nice, but nothing beats a good ol' joint imo. It just feels right, you know what i mean?
    Nothing beats kicking back and puffing on a nice fat one... mmmm.......:smoke:
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    yeah but considering thc transfer levels, vaporizer is the best, then bong, then pipe, then joint/blunt.

    vaporizer: 99% transfer level
    bong/hookah: 80%
    pipe/bubbler/steam roller: 60%
    joint/blunt: 30%
  8. love my vape but bong and blunt gotta be my favorites
  9. My bong is always nice, one or two bowls and I'm lit.
    a blunt is the standard way to go
    I have the volcano, very rarely use it
    and bowls only for small amounts / roaches
  10. vape is my fave... bong close second... papers dead last..

    as much hype as edibles get im sure it would be my favorite way to consume if i ever achieve a successful eat...
  11. Pipe bong paper. I don't like blunts. What's the point of trying not to smoke cigs when you strike up a blunt? It's just my opinion.
  12. 1) a bong with a blunt in the bowl piece. perfect combo
    2) blunt
    3) bong or bowl etc.
    1. Oil/concentrate rig
    2. Glass bong
    3. Glass bubbler
    4. Vaporizer
    5. Gravity bong
    6. Incredibowl
    7. Blunt
    8. Joint
    9. Dry Pipe
  13. definitely a joint man.. I prefer joints but they burn and waste weed and smell up the house bad. Blunts are pretty chill to.. slower burn
  14. Joints
    Occasionally a Blunt
  15. jays for life!

  16. Joint's isn't a very good choice cause of that one reason, cause they burn fast and burn weed. the good part of it is, it's pretty easy to hotbox a room with a joint compared to a pipe. But the pipe will get you higher and make weed last longer.

    No you're right Stoniecat, what is the point to those who hate cigs but can smoke blunts like nothing? They're both tobacco products. Blunts also increase of resign flem, cause of the tobacco in blunts. I rarely smoke cigs or blunts but at times, but they can be enjoyable.

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