What do you ponder when high? or even sober

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Toking Sam, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hahahaha, that made me laugh

  2. I would like to learn about this "quantum physics" but I know it requires a lot of algebraic equations.
  3. Yeah I don't bother getting into those insane equations. I'm not that good in math lol but it is way interesting. Quantum physics has a lot of awesome theories like m and string theory. I'm always learning new things; things just come together and make sense about how things work in the universe.
  4. I think of Free will and/or lack thereof... Sometimes ill trip balls hah.
  5. Tripping balls happens often haha
  6. How far down can you break something? Infinitely?
  7. Fucking legs dude.... the spinal cord... the fluid... the receptors... the connections... the energy. Energy. Flucuating within itself. A forever expanding paradox of infinite loops of itself, rendering it as nothing within itself.
    Holy fucking shit.
    I'm one with everything maaaaaan. Seriously though.
  8. Hahaha I feel ya man
  9. yeah it seems like that doesn't it

  10. LOL I feel you, I lost my "power" in math once I entered H.S. (I was in special ed) so I had math in a few grades and that was it, it blows when you fail or get a low grade. I'm always eager and willing to learn though, guess you have to start from somewhere and work your way up.
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    I find myself and usually most people who I smoke with think about politics, life, religion, the universe, death, philosophy, consciousness, freewill, quantum physics, mostly things that most people don't think about since we tend to become distracted in life. Its amazing that most people don't ever seem to question anything or think deeply about life. People these days are more worried about whats on the television or whats being posted on social media. I think everyone needs to smoke and realize the endless possibilities in this existence. I wish people realized that things are much bigger then them, you know? Smoking might help people think outside the box since imagination seems to be dying out in a lot of people. That probably has to do with conditioning though. I like going outside and just staring at the stars when I'm really high. Life is amazing. We're all lucky to even just exist and be given this opportunity, no matter how short it is.
  12. I know what you mean, tbh if I never touched weed then I doubt I would enjoy art, life, quantum physics, and planets as .much as I do. Its amazing how much it impacts the imagination, love staring at stars and try to imagine.what else is out there..
  13. If Im sober I usually ponder about being high and a drink or 10.

    I was catching a train the other day and I was very stoned and had a hangover. I started thinking what must of taken place for me to be sitting in these massive peace of shit with these other sorry ass critters. :D No seriously now.... I was thinking how did all this come to be. The train, track, conductor, mini cafe, other people etc etc. Then I think it evolves through infinite(?) interactions. So I think humans have the ability to make something happen way beyond my comprehension or any other person through multiple interactions.

    Then could the same principles be applied to scientific theories in that the more that people understand them and have input into the discussion the quicker they will advance or perish?
  14. -weed
    -trying to get laid
  15. I think why the fuck do I have armpit hair, I hate you fucking cunts, why are you even there you bitches one day I'm gonna come at you with scissors you fucks and you'll be all over the floor like a messy corpse you motherfuckers, you fucking sweat producing nazi cunting ugly bastards I'ma shave you so hard. oh shit I forgot I was outside of my mind soz GC
  16. Hahahahahahahahaha
  17. Love it :D
  18. - Yahweh
    - society
    - meaning/purpose
    - how to better myself
  19. Nice. Same, pretty much everything that has been stated lol. I'll talk about pretty much anything and everything. I also like to think back on some memories I have and it's crazy how much I remember when I'm high lol. Like when I'm sober its a faded kind of "I remember that part" thought, but once I get keyed that shit is like a movie haha, very nice way to reminisce
  20. When I'm sober: "How would I do this high?" And when I'm high: "How would I do this sober?"

    Pretty standard introspective thinking.

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