What do you ponder when high? or even sober

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Toking Sam, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Title says it all.

    Ill start by telling you all about what me and my friends discuss.

    We love talking about life. And, the universe, we enjoy debating one whether the universe is ever expanding, infinite, or if there's an end. We love talking about how the universe started (We're not religious, we have belief for science) we discuss where it all began and we discuss other life in a unexplored part that we may never see in human existance.

    We often realise that we are mearly a speck the universe, we imagine compared to other planets that we are nothing. We arnt the only intellegent life and thats a given.

    So Im interested about what you.think? Might give us some topics :)

    Please explain your favourite topics.
  2. Haha ponder.

    What i think about
  3. Tbh, Im high right now and I thought ponder made me sound smart lol
  4. Cool thread man.

    Pretty much everything. I too question the universe, human existance, the possibility of a greater being. I like discussing deep topics while high, anything that actually causes you to think. Mostly bud though. Everything about it. Ways to consume, cultivating techniques, legalization possibilities just so much shit aabout weed. If i knew someone who enjoyed weed as much as I do, I could probably talk to them about weed for hours upon hours.
  5. Haha, I do aswell, me and mates always discussing the strains, best way to consume (usually a big as convo) I love it man, I also love talking about the different highs.

    Glad you like the thread mate.
  6. My mind wanders from one subject to the next. The universe is always a big topic for me as I also believe that there is logically other forms of life in this insanely big universe. I also ponder what awaits us in the afterlife. I am not religious but don't have a definitely answer whether or not there is a "higher power" so to speak. Lastly. I tend to reflect upon myself and where I am doing wrong as well as what I should do to fix my issues.

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  7. Blue print of a utopia.
  8. This. I know man, I personally beleive in reincarnation, and alone I like to think about my choices, friends, etc.

    Love seeing people take an intrest haha
  9. Yeah best way to consume is a big one for me. I've been dying to make some green dragon or whatever the fuck its called. I'm going to get a bottle of ciroc vodka and put a quarter ounce into it. Probably add a G or two every pickup and let it stew for 6 months or so. Its gonna be some potent ass shit when I'm done. Never done it so I'm excited to see how it turns out.
  10. "What does it mean to be?"

    I seem to always come back to this question, no matter where I start, and this question it self always serves as a launching boarding into some new train of thought
  11. It midly does sober but then weed brings out even more, I can look at a inanimate object and describe its characteristics in a deep descriptive kind of way, sorta how George Carlin does his material.
  12. I ponder about why I have certain thoughts and try to trace the thought back to the origin
  13. life and its meaning. i know i'll never know but i still wonder..
  14. My friend is the same, he will always bring it up and actually talk for a whole hour maybe more... Its really interesing haha
  15. The universe. This term includes everything so can we say it includes all of the above?
  16. The meaning of life is life. :p
  17. What am I doing with my life
  18. Sober -
    What I'm doing with my life

    High -
    Quantum physics
    The universe/multi verse
    How insignificant we are compared to the universe yet how incredible it is we are aware of it.
  19. Love all the answers, keep them coming!
  20. My life and what I am doing with it... I always ponder the future. And food. And some crazy ass random thoughts.

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