What do you NOT like about the HerB?

Discussion in 'General' started by mk9391, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. There are millions of things that everyone likes about the herb but what don't you like?
    reply and tell your story.....
    ill go first
    I hate that people treat you differently when your high, if they know that your high.

    your turn random stranger who is reading this GO!
  2. The price.
  3. The fact that you can run out. Also the fact that such a wonderful gift from god is seen in society as bad and a drug.
  4. the fact it's illegal..DUH
  5. How some raise it up as the savior of the world
  6. Ditto on society thinking it's such an awful thing. I don't like to have to hide it.

    Um......... hate the munchies. Kinda kills my high, makes me smoke more. :laughing:

  7. Sorry bruh. Il raise it up as the devil of todays society.:devious:
  8. I don't dislike anything about the herb really. It's an amazing plant which should be recognized as the savior of the world. :devious: Seriously though nothing about the herb rubs me the wrong way. It being illegal, I would say is not whats wrong with the herb, but whats wrong with the people. :smoke:

  9. Cool that sounds nice lol
  10. The laws (what Olesmoky said), that it makes me sleepy after a couple of hours, the price.
  11. Haha, word man. +rep for that.

    For me, the only problem I have is the price. Prohibition kills my wallet :(
  12. Blame the price on the man too! Prohibition isn't your drug dealer's fault, it's the people's elbow... fault... sorry I'm watching a Dwayne Johnson movie. :wave:
  13. everything, because i love the shit so much i let it ruin a few things in my life.

    which in the end is my fault. :(
  14. Economic turmoil FTW!
  15. the smell of the smoke. i love the way it smells before you smoke it but for some reason the smoke makes me nauseous
  16. Unless I'm around people im really comfortable with I become less social. Around my friends I tell them things high that maybe I wouldnt say sober and talk lots. However around the general public and sometimes my family I really dont like blabbing if Im high.
  17. the fact that it's illegal, the prices, and the fact that it runs out
  18. gettin unmotivated

    getting attacked by the munchies at 2 a.m.

    having to buy it off the street, at RIDICULOUS prices

    getting burnt out

    wanting to smoke all the time cause its so fun
  19. Cotton mouth and everything else mentioned.
  20. The fact that I never get shit done after I smoke :)

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