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what do you listen to when high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by irishgoat, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I started thinking about this the other day and realized it might be a good thread topic. I want you guys to go all out in this one. I don't care if you say pink floyd and other obvious stuff but really try and make it original. Not saying Pink Floyd isnt extremely awesome to trip to. I listened to some beirut songs the other day and it was awesome. Have fun with this one.
  2. K-Pop. It just makes me so happy.
  3. Pepper
    Tribal seeds
    One Drop
    Chiddy Bang
    Kid Cudi
    Slightly Stoopid
    The Expendables
    The Supervillains
  4. Dubstep.....
  5. ^^
    Mainly dubstep for a hour or so and then maybe move on from that..
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    Right now listening to Owl City :)
    For me it's just something I haven't found anything else to rival, with the mix of uplifting and smooth sounds as well as the complexity of the lyrics and the way his music really makes you imagine and step into a different world, for a lot of the songs you have to really listen and think about it to figure out what it's about.

  7. dubstep all the way bro! when you are baked please check out Kerli - army of love centron remix! its one of those songs that rock
  8. The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Phish, Johnny Winter.
  9. [quote name='"Rasta Haze"']Pepper
    Tribal seeds
    One Drop
    Chiddy Bang
    Kid Cudi
    Slightly Stoopid
    The Expendables
    The Supervillains[/quote]

    Dope list

    J dilla
    Pete rock
    Aesop rock
    Hippie sabotage
    Nas of course lol
    Big pun for big blunts :p
    Sene and blu put out a really great album together.
    John mayer or jack johnson lol
    Eric Clapton
    Ted Nugent
    Any sublime is great session music
    Any 90's music for nostalgia attacks
    The best for last

    The roots ;)
  10. The beatles blows my fucking skull off
  11. you guys have to check out aer- the feel i bring its the shit
  12. Mastodon and Baroness......sooo good
  13. Imagine taking a dab to this. Some of my favorite chilling bands.
    In fact I like any kinda chilled-down music as long as it's good.

    [ame=]Jakob - Malachite[/ame]
  14. Love me some B.B. King.
  15. snoop d.o. double

    and x2 for pete rock
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    Modest Mouse
    Pretty Lights
    Pearl Jam
    Feed Me
    Big Gigantic
    Glitch Mob
    Umphreys Mcgee
    Bob Marley
    Damian Marley
    Cypress Hill
    Of Montreal
    The Beatles
    Pink Floyd
    Steve Miller Band
    Dance Gavin Dance
    In This Moment
    Thats a pretty short list, but some of my favorites.

  17. Thanks man. Idk anyone else on your list but Jack Johnsons good, Sublime brings back great memories and I LOVE most 90's music, reminds me of being a kid - born 1990.
  18. The same stuff I listen to sober.
  19. Usually I listen to my wife saying something like "I can't believe you're smoking that shit again!". I hear this almost daily. :)
  20. wiz khalifa, biggie smalls, kid cudi. chaaaaaaaaaaa

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