what do you like to listen to high

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what music do you like to listen to while high

  1. pink floyd :-)

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  2. the radio

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  3. rap

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  4. rock

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  1. personally if you couldnn't tell.....i love to listen to pink floyd. its just so mellow and cool sounding. it makes me feel so much more high!!!!
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  2. pink floyd will kick your ass
    a momentary lapse of reason is great to listen to when your high

    next time i think this should go in the music forum instead of seasoned tokers though
  3. classic rock mostly ..:)...
  4. I could really listen to anything while high. Except for country. :p
  5. Tupac is the best thing to listen to when your high.Im listenin right now and its making my high much better
  6. i like Pink Floyd and classic rock......but when im high, im usually with the homies, so we'll most likely be bumpin Bone Thugz or somethin......that gangsta shit.......
  7. pink floyd is m favorite by far all you need is a couple joints and a soundtrack to the wall and you are good
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  8. the doors are by far the best band to listen to when your high. the keyboard fucks with you so much
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  9. Tom Petty!

    I moved this to music hall! There are also about 50 threads with the same heading... Please use the search button..

  10. White Zombie "La Sexorcisto"

    The lyrics are insane and it just has a slow metal groove to it.
  11. yea, pink floyd is da shit, no one can do it like them, and thats a. . .

  12. pink floyd is tight

    but i have a cd case dedicated for those high times. it consists of:

    dave matthews
    the beatles
    mars volta
    coheed and cambria
    modest mouse
    bob marley
    ben harper
    the white stripes
    greatest classical compositions
    those are the main cds

    also if you are really high or trippin....trying watching fantasia...its great
  13. pink floyd is deff trippy and spaced out....also other good bands....jimi hendrix...dispatch is good....incubus
  14. kmk
    sage francis
    aesop rock
    bob marley
    more but no time:smoke:
  15. pink floyd.... and METAL>
  16. Holy fuck! I listened to Primus all night long, a band I must admit I've never really looked into that much. Anyways, we listened to The Brown Album which is simply amazing and Rhinoplasty which is also awesome. One of the best bands I've ever listened to high.
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  17. duuuude all music is appreciated when high but i really like

    the doors, bob marley, the greatful dead, pink floyd are some personal favorites i also tend to like the clash
    but really anything that isnt shit or country music is good:hippie:
  18. mike jones or zero
  19. Primus and any Les Claypool really. Also Hendrix and Floyd.
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