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What do you like to do :p

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aaman4567, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. What do you like to do, or usually do when your high?

    I personally love just going on drives or hikes, there soo much more fun when your high. Also watching people play video games is actually more entertaining to me then if i were to play lol. Like watching someone play resident evil is fun or cod4 :D. So what about you people?
  2. i like to:

    watch movies (watching cannibal the musical now) or watch porn

    listen to music (black sabbath, pink floyd, opeth, etc.)

    eat chips and candy, mostly reeses, or smearing crunchy peanut butter on oreo uh-ohs and eating that. drinking iced tea.

    lie down

    haven't had a chance to play video games high yet, but im sure it would be fun. marvel vs. capcom 2 or vampire chronicles would be awesome.
  3. Haha we have much in common when it comes to music friend :D. What are your favorite songs from pink/floyd and opeth?

    Also I just like to chill and listen to music when I'm high. Or do something that has some kind of emotional factor to it, like the watching the sunset or the stars.
  4. hey man, for pink floyd, i know a lot of people like to listen to dark side of the moon or the wall, but i think wish you were here and meddle are the best. and for opeth, i'll pretty much listen to anything they did, i like still life, orchid, damnation, deliverance, blackwater park
  5. Ahh, wish you were here and time are my two favorite songs from pink floyd. I Never got into still life or orchird much, but I listen to damnation and blackwater park. Favorite songs from them have to be "To Rid the Disease" and "Masters Apprentice"
  6. Listen to music or watch porn. When I listen to music I use the itunes visualizer...its fucking intense.
  7. My list:
    1) get some pussy
    2) eating really good food
    3) snowboarding
    4) chill with friends
    5) listen to some weezy or zoe
    6) play 360
    7) watch movies

  8. i used to always play games high its mad fun but it makes you focus and your high goes away quikker atleasty that wat i feels like to me
  9. You should all be ashamed!!!

    Nobody said post on grasscity???

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