What do you like & dislike about this forum?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. pretty simple thread.

    -I can identify with stoners & ppl on this board much more than the "Average" person.

    -I feel like i receive a lot of love on these forums and it is a good environment in that sense.

    -Stoners tend to be more open-minded due to their habits concerning canabis, so discussions can be not only more interesting, but understandable. in other words, if i talked to "average" people about some of the things i talked to with stoners, not only would they look at me like i have five heads because they cannot understand what im trying to say (due to their stupidity....again, this isnt EVERYONE), but they never seem to want to elevate past the point of "small" talk, so the topics i want to discuss cannot be talked about with the average joe.

    -sometimes it seems like a lot of the posts here either lack any sense at all or is just at an incredible level of immaturity.

    -Although i tend to have the most interesting discussions with stoners, those discussions never seem to happen on this board.

    -no talk of violence or foul language against anyone takes out the realism of life. however that contributes to all of the love on this board. have to take the good with the bad.

    -stoners say some of the most outrageous things that I KNOW are a lie and they are just making up for entertainment purposes (which doesnt usually work for me) or to make themselves seem "better" or give off a certain image.

    im sure i can think of a lot more but your turn.
  2. Dislike how we can't talk about other substances anymore, but i support w.e the person in charge says.
  3. Dislikes. Juvenile threads.
  4. Like that we can all relate and have fun without being skeptic

    Dislike that sometimes threads get moved or deleted from the 'general' section.. The reason it gets made here is because there's more traffic on the general board, and general could really be any topic so it contradicts it..

    But anyway, loveee GC :smoke:
  5. Likes: hours of entertainment

    Dislikes: stupids
  6. I like alot about this site..I tend to spend alot of time on it that is for sure..I think I enjoy helping other people out on here when I can and ocassionaly droping that sweet "one liner"..I like seeing the other posting styles people have..I've taken away some good insight on life in general from here over the years so I don't have much bad to say really..

    My only real dislike and I'm gonna be completely honest here is the neg rep stuff..I just think there have been instances where it gets taken overboard.

    All around its a good city though
  7. Liked: Our own private forum

    Dislikes: Apprentice
  8. Likes cool people no s.w.i.m bs no legal buds adds

    Dislikes no other drugs
  9. i forgot to add this, i really miss those days. i know GC had to cover their ass though and understand why they would do it, but it totally made me stop coming here for a while and i never come here as much as i used to.

    so you dont like neg reps?
    to be honest, who does?
    then again a person like me doesn't care about reps at all, especially since im already maxed out.

    oh and btw, NEGGED!!!

    yea that swim stuff can get really annoying and confusing and i always forget to type it that way. INCRIMINATE YOURSELF DAMN IT!

    and i agree with the legal buds ads
  10. Not really. You should have seen it when everyone had that ability. At least now if someone gets -repped, they deserved it
  11. Likes: Its the perfect canvas for painting my abstract sense of high-class humour. S&P

    Dislike: Theres no george forman grille in this city and I'm really hungry
  12. Likes, everything but what I dislike
    Dislike, the fact we can't talk about drugs anymore I remember the good ol days of being super fucked on some other shit and being able to talk about it
  13. who are the only people that have the ability to neg rep now? I see that I can and have always been able to....

    foreal, like that time i was fucked up off of ****** OMG! or that one week i binged on ********* dayum man that was the time of my life. i still do ****** every now and then but had to stop taking ********** due to how fucked up it got me. :rolleyes:
  14. Like: Being able to say whatever I want (for the most part) and 5-10% of the members are pretty cool people

    Dislike: Old timers that still abuse the Neg Rep system :mad:
  15. Like: Most of the people aren't lame.

    Dislike: People who post cool story bro.
  16. I like hearing new methods from growers and tips. I dislike that there's always people trying to shut down "illegal" conversations over petty shit and advice
  17. Like: Most of the members, entertaining subjects, and the shit I can learn.

    Dislike: abundance of forum games, and threads that generally lack substance. And cool story bro's.
  18. yeah, that's my only dislike
  19. like - that I can type up stuff that's going through my head and find out a lot of people relate to it, and vice versa

    - people in music hall have got me acquainted with a bunch of good artists I'd never heard of before.

    - that it's pretty easy going for a forum, or any internet site for that matter.


    that some people act like they're best friends and treat every post of a particular member or group of members like it's the best thing ever written. it's just a forum, don't pretend friendships.

    discussion of other drugs banned just around the time I started doing them more often.

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