What do you like better

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stoner815, Apr 22, 2003.


what do you like better

  1. Camaros

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  2. Mustangs

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  1. ok my friends are always arguing over Mustangs and Camaros. I like Camaros better but whatever just vote......
  2. I\'d say mustang...

    but camaros are just the shit too
  3. New camaro\'s and older mustangs....... gotta make a compramise some where in the middle......
  4. It has to be a Tang!!!!

  5. i just kneeew you were going to say that.

  6. O\'l drag racin buddy of mine used to call camaros \"bellybuttons\" cause everybody had one.

    Gimme the \'Stang Steve McQueen drove in the movie \"Bullet\"

    Ford got it right that one time.

  7. thats exacty why i didnt post,
    i agree but i didnt wanna tell
    one really good ford :p

  8. I still like Ashley Judd better! :D
  9. smokie.....that\'s the car of my dreams.....a 67 ford mustang, black.......i can hear the tune now......do do dum du dum du dum.....lol.....love that film......Peace out.......Sid
  10. wow. shouldnt even be compared!
  11. if i had to pick.... mustang.
  12. Volkswagon Bus (1965 - 1970):D
  13. nice hippie john.

    i say mustang by a jump, a leap, and a bound
  14. neither. camaro\'s have turned into redneck cars and mustangs lost the image b/c of all the middle age women and teenage girls driving them. Plus there are so many hicks saying \"There\'s no replacement for displacement.\" Well I found the replacement for displacement. It\'s called a turbo. Hell, mustangs aren\'t even fast unless you buy a cobra. People don\'t believe how cheap it is to buy a turbo car and make it as fast as new expensive american muscle cars.
  15. everybody loves a 67 mustang fastback... if you don\'t you\'re just not human
  16. I agree that camaros have lost their image too but not to the same extent as mustangs. camaros, which are supposedly american cars, aren\'t even made in america. they\'re made in canada.
  17. poontang? uh? did i get the question confused?

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