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What do you keep your bud in?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. Also, where do you hide it? I keep mine in those M&M Minnies containers bc they have sealing lids and they're just mad cool. Then I put the container in a mini-safe, lock the safe, and keep the key w/ me always.

    How 'bout you?
  2. I always put my stash in a big Russian doll, and if I wanna carry some around w/me I just use one of the smaller ones.
  3. I keep my buds in a cigarette tin, in my desk drawer under a book.
  4. shit i always smoke all mine, and just keep it in the bag in my pocket till its gone.

    if am too save any though, i have a decent sized wood box with a lock and such that i like to keep my shit in. then just leave the box on my counter.
  5. I always kept mine in a baggie in my pocket, too. Except when there was only a little left, then I would put it in a mini altoid tin.
  6. I usually roll mine into blunts and then I keep them in a metal Swisher Sweets tin. Believe it or not it keeps them pretty fresh until I wanna use them.
  7. i took a lil air tight container from the market that fits in my pocket. holds about 6 g's, does the job.
  8. isnt there already like 5 threads on this?

    btw, pill containers:D

  9. That's probably the most creative hiding spot I've heard yet! It's neat that you carry it around in one of the smaller ones, too.

    Just like Hippie John, I use empty pill containers, but with the bud in a bag. I haven't tried just bud in the container with no bag. I also keep my shake in a clear film canister. I stuff all that in a bag along with my papers put em in a big wool sock, stick my peices in too, and dump it in my sock drawer--heh it works.
  10. In a pewter jar with a seashell on top. I wish it was a pot leaf but I can't be choosey when it was given to me.
  11. i keep mine in a zip lock bag so the herbs stay nice and fresh. I dont usually hide it unles people are comin over, then i hide it in a shoebox in my closet.

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