What do you hate or love about your dealer/dispensary?

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    Hello blades, what do you hate or love about your dealer/ dispensary ? Lets hear about it.
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  2. I hate that he always has multiple strains.. shit
    I hate that he always is quick to respond to me. fuck 
    I hate that he always smokes one out of his own.. fuck fuck shit fuck
    Yeah I can't hate on any of my sources. Guess I've just been blessed by the Cannabis gods. 
  3. I hate that my new guy says he doesn't have it when I ask then texts back like an hour later saying he got some. Better than him not being able to, but it's still annoying.
  4. I hate that he tells me to always come to him because he has "best shit in town" for great deals but when i text him for some and hes dry he doesnt reply rather then telling me that hes out. Then he hits me up days later after i already copped some from the shady bastards downtown.
  5. I hate that dispensaries here sell "top shelf" but it's super dry, non-sticky, and overall bad quality. That's okay though, I can drive to Hollywood for some good ganja :D

    360 joints in my body and not one in my pocket.
  6. I have mr.M I love the bud and the hook up just runs out at bad times next I have cross man he good reliable just sucks hes lime 20min drive and my rare used checker board friend hes sketchy bags are lite but always seems to.have green when no one else does shit half the time he sends you tk a house that hes mot at to buy from a "homie"

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  7. Honestly, no complaints about my friend who sells or my favorite dispensary. They both have a variety of high quality strains for good prices. My buddy is almost never dry, and he delivers it to my place.
  8. I had an old dealer that would tell me to meet him at 3:00pm but he would pull up at 3:15....that mother fucker.
  9. Dispensaries have shitty weed, ONCE a blue moon there will be something that smells awesome and reminds me of thr late 90s early 2000s when I thought weed potency was really good since there was no dispensaries forcing early harvest and quick cures for quick cash.
    I know great weed exists, but hard to find with the abundant quick crap everywhere.
  10. I hate the fact I have to listen to his shite everytime I see him.
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  11. DR. Feelgood always prescribed the best

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  12. Can never buy a quick couple of grams. Homie doesn't waste his time unless it's half an ounce or more  :confused_2:
    hella chill dude tho
  13. I HATE that it takes me a whopping FIVE MINUTES to walk the half a block from my front door over to the club.  I hate the fact that they're open until 11 pm at night and that we're really friendly with the owners/budtenders.  I HATE the fact that my wife goes up there like daily to talk to the cute budtenders and gets tons of free hits.  
    All sarcasm don't you know.  Seriously the only thing I hate about our club is that after relocating closer to us they didn't have a good selection of wax/shatter for the first month or so.  They're just now starting to get a good variety.
  14. My dude is about as good as it gets. He delivers (he lives 45 miles from me) and he is the least sketchy person I've ever know to sell weed. If I had to say one thing though, it'd be the $300 zips. Then again, it's always top shelf strains, and others in my area pay 400-450 so I can't REALLY complain. My old guy hooked it up for 260 tho.

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  15. When I was I new to smoking my dealer chukkee pronounced (chew-key) told me hey had some "white widow" but that was a lie. Worst shit I have ever smoked ever. I actually had real white widow later that month from another guy. That nasty ass shit was probley white rhino I don't like it but I know people love it. That's my story

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  16. This word-for-word, except he'll hook me up quarter ounces cause we're buds
  17. Price is too high paying 280/oz Afghan Goo but still 200 is what i wanna pay.
  18. Can't say I have much to complain about with my guy. He's not always available right away, but slinging weed isn't his main job so I can't complain about that. His weed and his prices are always excellent. 
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    I hate how mine tend to either be dry or dont wanna take time out of their oh so busy lives. 
    Also hate how most of them are hella far so coming there is inconvenient as fuck when you have no car.
  20. I hate it when he says he has sweet tooth for example and I tell him I want to buy a 1/4. He says ok
    And ends up selling me 1/8 sweet tooth and 1/8 of an inferior strain and will still charge you the full premium price and doesn't tell me what he is doing

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