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What do you guys use to roll a joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sammi, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I've heard of people using gum wrappers (-minus the foil), pages of the bible (thats terrible XP), or shopping receits...

    I was just wondering what are some things at home you can smoke a joint with :smoke:
  2. Rolling papers.. o.o
  3. I... uh... what the fuck?

    Papers. What else would you use? Although smoking joints made out of the bible seems inhumanly badass.
  4. yea, but some people just use shit when they don't feel like getting rolling paper

    and i kind of want to smoke pages of twilight
  5. good luck with your poisoning from that ink... only reason you can smoke bible paper is because its thin enough and there are a few black pages in most bibles.
  6. ink on pages nuff said.
  7. well there are blank pages
  8. how many times does this have to be said


    they use bleach to make everything but rolling papers

    haven't you ever been past a paper mill?
    smells terrible, do you want to smoke that?

  9. Book pages are usually treated with preservative chemicals, and the paper itself isn't meant to be smoked. Needless to say, you'd be inhaling some nasty shit.
  10. I'm a motherfuckin lyrical motherfuckin wordsmith

    This shit's retarded like Kanye, seriously
  11. tobacco leafs
    or just regular leafs

    use cum to seal it shut
  12. if this wasnt in the apprentice section i would have a similar comment to the one two posts above me, but the idiocy of the inexperienced is nothing new to me.
  13. Zig Zags , blunt warps,blank bible pages, weed and my hands to roll and my lungs to inhale it and to exhale it.need more instructions?????:confused::confused::confused:
  14. I personally don't like joints, not efficient. But the good side is that once you're done just toss out the roach and you're clean, plus they aren't as harsh as pipes. :) I do roll them when I have rolling paper, but for the most part, I just use a chillum.
  15. how are joints inefficient? if rolled right they get you fucked up and they are fun to smoke. it bugs me when people say they suck cus they really dont

  16. do i have to show this to every1?? Fuck it,i guess i do

    [ame=]Which Method of Smoking Weed Can Get a Dude the Highest? | SPIKE[/ame]
  17. What is it like to smoke your unborn children?

  18. i dont have sound on my computer so im not watching that lol but if your saying its cus you get the least THC then i already know that but saying its inefficiant in bullshit. i get really high on joints and i have the most fun smoking them so in my book they are great :smoking:

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