What do you guys use to download music?

Discussion in 'General' started by BONGZILLA420, May 14, 2006.

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  1. I have the free limewire and it crapped out on me. What else can I use?
  2. bit torrent
  3. limewire works fine for me
  4. Use limewireFREE to download limewirePRO.

    Never thought of that huh?
  5. Limewire Pro and Bittorrent
  6. Same here, Limewire for music, or individual songs.

    BT for Movies, Games, programs, Whole Albums.
  7. BT
    dc++ (high shares get you into sweet hubs)
  8. This man knows whats up.
  9. yeah same here but i use limewire pro
    and bitcommet
  10. eMule. Takes longer than limewire, but you can find the most obscure shit.
  11. Limewire and Torrents
  12. soulseek

    but now, i just check a forum where they post like yousendit, rapidshare, megaupload, etc... links.
  13. I used to use Ares \'cause it rocks, but it crapped out. Now I use Limewire. Works fine I guess.

    Have you tried KaZaa?
  14. I use Shareaza. It uses the same network as LimeWire (Gnutella 1), but also can connect to the updated Gnutella 2 network, the eDonkey network, and download BitTorrents. I like the servent\'s interface better and it doesn\'t need the Java framework like LimeWire.
  15. Anyone know any good bittorent sites?
  16. I use SoulSeek for whole albums and limewire for individual songs
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