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What do you guys think this was??

Discussion in 'General' started by SpiffyDeezy, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. So me and a group of friends were camping in eastern washington right by a river, and at night we took shrooms and walked over to the bridge....we all layed down in the middle of the bridge and just trippped balls for an hour looking at the stars....and scoping for anything moving....saw a bunch of shooting stars

    nows the weird part.....we all of a sudden see this thing moving that looked like a slow moving light...all of us saw it so it couldnt have been the shrooms and my friends girl was sober and she saw it too

    so the light in the sky was moving smoothly and normally like a satelite....then we all start to see it skip around and fast forward in the same direction it was moving in....kinda like fast forwarding in the sky.....or something lagging u know...then it started fucking zig zagging and then it just dissapeared.......

    we saw a squid shaped cloud with tentacles and a long squid body in front of the moon too :)

    it was amazing

    so yeah
    i think it was a space ship
  2. what date was this becasue most likely it could have been
  3. we dont know what you saw, unless you have a picture or video. there hve been people who have seen space ships, alot of people in New Mexico. it could of been strong lights from the ground, government aircraft, gas balloon, aliens, light bugs or w/e. my wang. your wang. the shrooms. commets.
  4. Well I don't know about the moving light... A hallucination combined with a satellite.

    The tentacle cloud on the other hand can only mean one thing... SQUID HAVE TAKEN OVER OUR OUR SKY!

    I knew the day would come.
  5. Shrooms.
  6. oh yea what part of eastern wa. was it?
  7. Swamp gas

  8. May 31st, 2009 around 12 -1 am.

    i dont know man, it was just a light like a star
    it looked like a shooting star until it started fast forwarding and twitching ...... and zig zagging....

    nope no hallucinations man the SOBER GIRL even saw it...the rest of us were trippin balls sayin NO WAY
    fish lake
  9. i saw somat weird tonight when i went out for my first splif it flew over my head near the stars ;ike across the sk then just dissapeared in the sky it was mint i was like ooooh

    i wish aliens were exposed
    and ghosty shit happened more

    thatd be mint :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  10. Thats weird as fuck. I have a similair experience, we were sitting on my grandmas lakehouse smoking. Then across the lake in the woods (its night time) we see this pattern of lights, that are red and white and blue, they look like little bugs but theyre going in a pattern. Then they stop, and start up again. It was crazy weird, for a little while they got really close, then got really far away
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    Maybe it was a ufo :D
  12. honestly, we don't know what real is. it could have been something that we can't even wrap our minds around. there is so much out there that we will never know or could possibly even wrap our heads around...

    wow, sorry, stoned here

  13. i had the exact same thoughts when i was tripping

    thoghts so deep i was like
    im not even gonna fucking think about this shit
  14. I think it is a UFO.
  15. I think you need to take this as a reminder that eastern washington sux:p

  16. haha HELL NO!

    it was one of the best visions my eyes have ever seen

    the stars
    the fact we were all just laying down in the middle of a fat bridge.......

    the stars looked like static just floating around

    then they were warping and FALLING

  17. My friends saw something which moved just like that!!!!!!Out while camping. They all saw it. Strange stuff.
  18. hah lol really it does sound cool, and there are some beautiful places in Eastern Washington, I was just kinda blazed last night and kept saying things sucked:cool:
  19. very strange indeed.....i think some of my friends are secretly aliens on shrooms.....

    posts full of sucks lol
  20. aliens? just because you all saw it, doesn't mean it was there. one person saw it, said something, and put it in all you guys heads. it happened to some of my buddys while tripping, they both saw a green spot on the wall in the same place, when in reality there was notihng there. im not saying this IS what happened, just a possibility.

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