what do you guys think off my new website

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  1. I was smoking weed with friends of mine and are always watching different kind of trippy videos and images on the internet. I am a website builder by day so i came up with a idea to make a trippy website for stoners digitrippin.com it's called. the name was a littlebit hard to find so we came up with this because we always use to say "hey let's go digitrippin" when we are high tripping on things we found online. I basicly made some pages full of things i like to see when i am high and put them togetther on a website for everybody to enjoy.
    \n\nI would love it if you guys would check it out and give some comments and tips so i can improve the website
    I am form holland but i made the website fully english so everybody can read it. I hope it's understandable and that it's nice to see
    \nplease check it out at digitrippin.com
    \nthank you in advance, Daan lockhorst

  2. you have some cool stuff but i would organize the webpages better so there isnt so much clutter
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    Sick idea man I like it! It's in my about it's and I'll be showing my friends tonight!

    Edit - I've only viewed on my iPhone but it looks good on there!
  4. what are you by night?

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  5. haha by night a am a  weed enthusiast, it-student relaxer but mainly sleeping
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    cool! nice layout, I only checked out a little bit of it so far but Ill keep looking.. that first video that makes everything wavy was a trip!
    keep it up
    edit: for some reason I feel like there should be a next button instead of clicking on the next page number lol
  7. it's the bee's knees
  8. Pretty cool man.
  9. my only advice, try to differentiate from the tripatorum. they pretty much have shit cornered on trippy video blogs
  10. I intended to just give it a brief view, but you have some really cool stuff in there that sucked me in. Good stuff man.  :smoke:
  11. Good comments guys thnx a lot next buttons are the next thing and to differentiate from tripatorium also i am just checking them out right now thnx a lot

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  12. very cool site nice work you did im gonna visit it more often
  13. I mistakenly read the thread title as "what do you guys think of my new car" WTF

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