What do you guys think of my new bubbler?

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  1. Picked this up at a local shop for super cheap; blown by a local guy known as Big J; super simple, no diffys or anything; but I loved the nice clean design, and the fact that it has a small bowl perfect for packing snaps makes it a 10 in my book. I've also owned every type of piece under the sun except a bubbler for some odd reason, so I felt like it was a must have for my collection

    So excited to see how it smokes!

    apologies for bad quality oversized pic; only camera I have is my webcam and I'm too lazy to resize haha

  2. Simple yet elegant. I like it. A good piece to have when you dont normally smoke bubblers.

    P.s bong tokes ftw! :bongin:
  3. looks like your weed just falls strait down a hole lol
  4. is it like a ice pinch or anything? and dude I love it, def nicer than alll the shitty cheap looking china ones haha
  5. I like that clear glass.
  6. Looks like a simpler version of my zob disc bubblahs
  7. I love it......
    I always prefer all pure clear glass pieces.......

  8. hahah the picture definitely looks like that!

    But nah, its got a nice sized hole there; no too small that suction would be a problem, but also not too big that a well placed nug-plug can't prevent anything from pulling through; at least until the cahsed part of the bowl lol. Thats what glass screens are for though!

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, love you all

  9. no ice pinch D: though that would've been an awesome addition to it!
    It's pretty much the most basic barebones bubbler you could find; which is exactly what i was looking for! Portable, easy to clean, perfect for stepping out on the deck and taking a quick toke

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