What do you guys think of my first time

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  1. About 4 weeks in flower I think forgot to record date of switching lights. What do you think of her? Feedback?

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  2. More photos phone messed up

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  3. 3/4 weeks in flower,
    very basic set up.
    Soil medium,
    500 watt in total CFL's all the way through, mixed spectrum
    Biobizz Grow,Bloom and Topmix used for nutes
  4. How you did will depend on yield. 500w of electricity should yield you about a half pound if you do it right.
  5. 500W should yield you a pound if done right lol... and that's still under 1gpw however with CFL I doubt OP will yield more than two ounces if that by the looks of things..

    Here's my plant that I'm hoping to get 100 grams off of [​IMG] half of her bloom was under one mars 300 (135W) the other half she got two of them as I harvested another plant...

    So with that said and nothing personally I only see 45-55 grams there maybe a bit more maybe it is 2 ounces who knows it just depends how much they fatten up. But that does show how much more efficient LED is... my panels are only 65 bucks a unit and I know you spent at least that putting those CFL together I'd highly recommend a mars hydro 300 for next grow.
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  6. Yeah no way i'm getting a half pound from CFL's and the little space/equipment i have, maybe one day i'll upgrade. this is just a first timer experiment at the moment. My worse fear was coming back with a 1/4 oz yield due to mistakes at the beginning. If i get anything over a z i'll be happy.
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  7. The LED's look amazing
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  8. Ya your looking good, I only have 1 an a half grows under my belt but maybe back off the nitrogen, leaves are real dark and I see some clawing. Don't need as much during flower. My first grow I got an oz of this little lady [​IMG]

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  9. Mine was also cfl's. 215 true watts

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  10. +1 ledro I've always heard 400w is a half pound every 90 days, 600w is 1 pound every 90 days, 1000w is 1.5 pounds every 90 days. I gave him a little extra credit having 500w due to the fact that hes using cfls.
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  11. He definitely would of benefited from a longer veg time if he has that much wattage and probably yielded a bit more... the shape of the plant plays a factor too... he would of been much better off making a canopy like mine and using reflectors and just focusing on the tops... probably would made some decent nugs.
  12. Agreed. Theres nothing like topping and using the scrog technique to really spread her out. This is my first plant ever grown. 0729170002f.jpg I ended up yielding 120 grams dry from this one plant in a 2x2 space. (2x4 tent with two plants in it.)
  13. Kind of looks like my plant without all the leaves on it haha... I'm going to add a scrog next grow and going to do 4 plants in my 4x2... already built the scrog and have the plants growing in a closet... switching to 3 gallon fabric pots since I'm opting for smaller plants this grow.. going to add a third light by the time I flower them and I'm going to aim high I want 12oz off my next grow. Which isn't all that unrealistic... I'm getting around 7 this grow without a scrog and also a shorter veg time on one plant... going to be patient and completely fill the tent out next grow,
  14. Good luck with that. 12 oz is going to be tough in a 2x4 tent. You'll need at least 3 feet of light penetration to obtain that. I just picked upca 4x4 tent to start perpetual harvests. Hoping for a pound every 90-120 days. What are the dimensions of your plant? She looks really nice. I think you'll pull 4 oz from That.
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  15. 20"x24" and the canopy is around 10-11 inch from the bottom buds the tops. Not very deep haha

    Ima try my best lol as long as I get more than this grow I'll be happy though... but I shall do my best and get them as large as I possibly can before flipping. I want to add a couple QB 120 lights before flipping to really boost it up. I'm thinking if I'm patient and really get enough tops going I may come close or hit it... I've heard of people getting 6oz in a 2x2 but I do also understand I'm only working with 4 feet that's why I switched to the fabric pots this grow to keep em shorter.

    But that popcorn is frostyyyyyyy and I'm excited to harvest this baby.[​IMG]
  16. as it was my first time growing i wanted to be able to see a plant fully grown with no training, i have RQS special kush for the next one which will be trained
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  17. Nothing wrong with that RQS are good genetics ... my first successful grow I had a special queen #1 and a bagseed that happened to be female... I only lstd the sq and she was pretty large when I started so she didn't have much of a canopy but the bagseed I had decided to top and try to stunt and keep small was just hoping for half an ounce or so... I was using a mars hydro 300 (135W) and a few CFL over the bagseed that was in the corner. The special queen was harvested at two months 12/12 and gave me 65 grams and the bagseed was harvested at 3 months 12/12 and gave me a whopping 50 grams... I was happy for sure I never would of thought that small plant would of yielded me that much lol... [​IMG][​IMG]
    Here's how small she was when I flipped to 12/12 lol [​IMG] not the dankest but definitely the first time I've had 10 gram buds before lol. No seeds and she smoked good only thing about her was she didn't have a sweet smell it was different... definitely just a strain thing though she did get my high just fine she also developed nanners late flower but nothing came of it. She was also stressed too so I'm not to worried about her clones at all.
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