What do you guys think of GM and Chrystler wanting billions more to fire people?

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  1. Read about GM oshawa's plant closings!. The company has promised us that we could retire to a good pension and benefits. But I guess working for them for 42 years is not enough.

    GM signed contracts promising new models of trucks to be made in the GM truck plant (Oshawa, Ontario).

    Guess what happens a week later...

    Well they decide to close said plant and 1000's of people lose there jobs. The union asks why they are doing this to their best plant.

    Guess what their answer was...

    Your plant is the best...

    They wouldnt even give us a fucking answer.

    So I guess completely agree with you. Although I do feel that there should be some sort of punishment to the people who ran the company into the ground. Its not the governements problem that these greedy bastards ruined a once thriving company. They should just go bancrupt like any other failing buissness would.

    I could go on all day but...


  2. It's either the system or the people or both.
  3. Yeah you are right. I am just straight pissed about all of this. Although when it comes down to it I would make the sacrifice.
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    I agree with the basic premise of this topic, Chrysler has been suffering for decades and GM, well oldsmobile is a decent example of what I think is to come of some of their other makes.

    I never suspected Ford riding it out, and I'm a ford guy personally. I guess what they say is true... The best never rest.

    I think its fucked tho, these cocks have been raping us for decades, and they still can't stay afloat.

    I don't think quitting of the botching will get the 2 anywhere. By 2010 Chrysler will be no more in my opinion.

  5. Fuck man, if government doesn't get serious (and by that I don't mean authoritarian), pretty soon I'm down to say scrap the whole place and all the other little nation-state chess pieces.
  6. It could come down to that my friend.

    Imagine what will happen when they have to choose between chevy and pontiac.
  7. you worked there?

    the thing that really pisses me off is that they need all this money just get their company off the ground...and the US government already gave them billions and they need more...if i was to go buy a new car today and it had to be american made, i would buy a Ford...the only company that isnt a bunch of whiny crybaby assholes about being pretty much in the toilet...if the government was smart they wouldnt give them another dime...i bet you that after its all said and done the only company that isnt dead would be Ford. Hey Ford survived the great depression...they can do it again.../end rant

  8. hehe or between the Federal Reserve and Bank of America.
  9. good to see ford lovers on this thread. ive owned three cars, 3 fords, about to get my f150 in a few weeks:]
  10. ive never owned a ford, but they get my respect for riding shit out instead of crying to the government for help. i may just have to get a ford the next time im looking for a car cause of this
  11. Well thats their fault, They didn't keep up with customer demands. That marketing, my friend. things go big, must go small at some point.
  12. they're morons. , why are we bailing them? So they can continue production?? So they can continue to employee people as the means of production???

    FUCK me, go to the car lots!! The shit just isn't selling!! It takes several several months to push a car off the showroom floor, and on top of that, our financing just adds several more months on top of that before anyone is seeing $$ from the purchase
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    Clearly not as high of a priority :p

    Only joking.

    That was part of Chrysler's cuts that I found quite amusing. I am so used to hearing about job cuts. Brings a whole new meaning of keeping there employee's in the dark.


    Yeah I have done a couple internships in GM but most of my immediate family works (or should i say worked) there. My dad worked there for 42 years.
  14. We talk in circles about the economy. Yet we all feel a subtle transformation of our lives over time. Is it getting worse or better? Is it simply growing up?
  15. that completley sucks man...

    Chrysler rests in 2010

    GM follows in 2011
  16. shit happens for a reason...i guess were going to have to sit back and let the pieces fall into place

  17. We might be deluded to think we lead when we're following.
  18. Fuck GM.

    I feel bad for all of the people losing their jobs, but that company deserves to fail.

    I drive a honda... if I didn't drive that, it would be Nissan.
  19. Freemasons?

    Are you trying to tell us something?

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