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what do you guys think about this

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cyric99, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. me and my roommate usually go in half and half for an 8th. we smoke a bowl a night and we don't really touch it other then that.

    would it be wrong for me to dip in every now and then and smoke a bowl to myself when he isn't around? On one hand, I did pay for half of the bag. On the other hand it seems a little selfish, I don't know.

    What do you guys think
  2. If he keeps his hands out then you should too, it's only fair if you went 50/50...
  3. Bro, it's perfectly fine. If you're fellow stoners, it's chill. Just try to ration it like this. If you went in for half the eighth, allow yourself to smoke as much of 1.8 grams as you'd like. That bud is rightfully yours and you should enjoy it =]

    Not selfish at all to enjoy your own bud. But if you feel otherwise, try picking up a few times on your own? I dunno, maybe the guilt trip will go down.
  4. as long as you guys split it up when you get it and each take half , I don't see the problem, but when youre out and he has stuff, dont beg for him to smoke you up, you made your decision
  5. Unless you seperate the bud, don't even bother doing it man. It will end up coming down to it that someone will blame someone else for smoking up more than the other person and just add stress to the situation that you don't need.

    One of my roomates last year and I would split bags on occasion and if we didnt actually seperate our share, it always seemed like if the other person had been smoking, that you couldn't count on them to only smoke their fair share

    So, either split it up into two bags, or just buy your own :cool:
  6. You should just tell him your smoking a bowl to your head, i used to split 8ths with ppl. That 1.7 grams is can do what you want with it.
  7. i wouldnt do it..

    IMO i enjoy smoking with my buddies FAR more than smoking alone, and will hold out dank that i pay for myself just to smoke it with them because i enjoy the process and the good time we have.

    and if you smoke all your shit by yourself and he shares his with you, thats not fair, because no one wants to smoke alone when there is another stoner around.
  8. If they don't split the bag though then theres no way to tell how much each of them has smoked, so I'd say don't do it in that case. If when you pickup the 8th you weigh out 1.8g for each of you and split it then go right ahead!
  9. Best advice I can give you is when you get the bag split it in four, both of you take a fourth of the bag to smoke on you're own, and the two others to smoke only with each other...or just talk to him straight up about it and see how he feels.
  10. I agree 100%.

    Me and 4 friends went on a vacation for a week. We stocked up alcohol, acid, and bud. One friend said we should put the 2 oz. (we each had a 1/2) in one bag in case we got pulled over on our 400 mile journey. When we got to the cabin, we agreed to just leave it in the 1 bag,( I was out voted 3-1.) Then when we got back home we would split it up 4 ways. We partied hard the 1st night and we probably smoked 1/4 between the 4 of us. Funny that the next day there was only about 1 1/4 oz. left. It made for a not so good vacation and the ride home was awkward. We all knew which 1 pinched, just couldn't prove it.
  11. I agree with Tokinblue on this one, exactly what I was going to say. If not this time, then from now on, you should definitely split the bags. You get your half 1/8th in a bag, and he gets his. Just eliminates all accusations, no matter how harmless they may be. Peace.
  12. dont do it. next time seperate your herb and then you can smoke your shit and so can your roomate
  13. once again tokin is 100 % right (scary huh? someone in authority figure being right ? )

    yah definetly buy your own gram or 1/8 and use that when your not near him . or just split it up and say dude i m tempted to smoke weed when your not around and i dont want to rip you off. he will be like your so right +rep (wait he cant cause its not GC) but anyway he will respect your selflessness...
  14. Split the bag in two, and say that you'll throw down any time he wants to smoke, but you want some of it to smoke whenver, and you'd rather not 'pinch' out of the bag because that would be rude.

    If he is already pinching bowls from the bag, then he'll probably feel bad/caught.

    Side story:

    My friend couldn't store a pound at his house, so he left it at another friends house... Big mistake, dozens of people go in and out of that house sometimes. It got pinched and pinched until it was gone.

    It was the shittiest schwag I have ever smoked though. It had as much THC as a tomato plant.
  15. just get seperate half 8's and do what you want. One bowl a night is nuts.
  16. I usually just buy my own bud on the side when I want to smoke by myself. But this case is more of a particular one... I have no money right now and no extra bud, lol.

    I don't want to go into detail right now but we are kind of different smokers. He is fine with a bowl a night after a long day of work you know. I like to smoke whenever I get the urge so there's a pretty big difference there.

    So really my question is not to do it on a constant basis... but like right now I just came back from a small party. My roommate is gonna pass out at some other dude's house. My dealer said he isn't going to have anything until Monday.

    So I figured a bowl wouldn't hurt anything. Not even sure he would notice. But that's not my character. I would feel bad if I started to pinch bowl after bowl.

    I mean if I payed for half of the bag anyway... and I'm sitting here, what's the problem with smoking a bowl as long as you don't keep doing it every day out of the community weed.

    Alright I'm starting to ramble now. I smoked a little at the dude's house.
  17. Just buy an ounce of some low mids or something cheap and keep pitching for the 1/8th..

    Thats what I would do.. but I smoke a good number of times in a day.. idk whatever works for you.

    You could smoke those low middies all day then treat yourself to some dank at night :p
  18. seperate it in half when you first get it. break it all up .. .hten just keep it seperately

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