What do you guys think about these snowboards I designed?

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    My Friend started a snowboard company. KYNDE Snowboards. He asked me to work on a few designs. These are not finished. works in progress.

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  2. BUMP! to myself
  3. I like the first

  4. Thanks! the first one is my favorite too. I blazed first and thats what came to be! the middle one is a chick board that I made mad fast...
  5. Blue n black....or blue n white. I think those will be good color combos
  6. The 2 in the middle are kind of ehh but the other 4 are pretty good. Grats.
  7. You realize its only 3 boards haha
  8. Oh, tits lol.
    Well I like boards #1 and #3.:smoking:
  9. Op morre boards pl0x

  10. Im designing more now. Pics in a lil:)
  11. Heres another one.

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  12. That's cool too, keep them coming. Are these actual boards or just some digital art.

  13. This is just some digital art. The good ones will be printed on actual boards...

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