What do you guys think about smoking out your dog?

Discussion in 'General' started by green4bud, May 22, 2006.

  1. Have you done it?

    Describr what happened.

    My dog runs away from smoke, but he would eat bud and my living bud plants.

    He is a little dachshund (lowryder):eek:
  2. I've gotten my girlfriends dog high before, its a lame dog though.

    My cat love getting high. She always sits in my lap when i spark up, sniffing at the bowl/chamber.
  3. haha, i had my german shepperd, who liked to get high, blind and diabetes, and arthritus, i believe it helped her.

    and i have wilson haha, a chiwuaha(sp?) even though you wouldnt know it. But he RUNS TO me when i come home after smoking, or he can smell it on me, and just follows me around. waiting for me to get him stoned, cause he knows i will almost every day lol. He used to run, now he LOVES it.
  4. haha man i have the same dog as you green4bud.

    i get her high all the time, she chills out and her eyes get glazed over man my friends get a kick out of that.

    when i have bud in my pocket she chews and tugs and scratches at my pocket :smoke:
  5. my dog habib fuckin loves chillin with my while i spark a bowl. he ownz
  6. havent gotten either of my dogs high. i have two soft coated wheaten terriers and one is the most chill cool puppy ever. i think he was born stoned
  7. My dachshund does the same, I left an 1/8 of new york city disel under my couch while I was smoking outside, came back in to load another and he had eaten most of it. I was so sad, that strain is so nice.
  8. i have a 120 pound bullmastiff, i cant tell a difference when she's "high".

    my bichon frise is a silly stoner though.
  9. how would a pitbull react to being stoned, cause mine are crazy they jump and hyper all day maybe they will chill out
  10. german shepards are strange around me

    i delivered a pizza one time and the dog jabbed its nose to my rear , the it stuck it's entire head between my legs,
  11. yeah I got my got my dog keyed one time and all he does is run in circles and than he stoped and slept for like 4 hours it was hella funny.
  12. reminds me of my dog on vodka, he had trouble standing up

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