What do you guys think about my newest set up????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cody8892000, May 19, 2009.

  1. Alright im about to set this up since i had to destroy my last little room because people was working on my house and barn (its in a barn) i didnt want them to find it........

    my last box was 4ftx4ft and im aiming for about 9ftx9ft and 6.5 ft tall this time

    tell me what you think and what you think about the AC

  2. looks great man
  3. thanks for the reply anymore is greatly appreciated
  4. Try putting the ballasts somewhere outside of the grow room. And what is the squirrel fan doing? Just hanging there blowing on the bulb? if you haven't done so yet you MUST have an exhaust, that Squirrel Fan would cut it I am sure. How tall is cab? And is the AC unit in a room or outside?

  5. yes...the squirrel cage fan is just blowing on the bulb because i know how hot they get.....i might not even use a squirrel cage...i might just hang a box fan

    and like i said in my post its going to be about 6.5ft (6ft 6in.)

    also i have had very successful grows with no exhaust just really good intakes but it was in boxes that werent sealed.......but i plan on maybe mounting 2 box fans on both ends of the box and having one below the ac for intake and one on the other end of the box for exhaust.......

    also like i said....its a window unit AC........you dont put the unit outside or inside......look at the picture.....you mount it on the wall just like its a window
  6. I understand it is a Window AC. The window ac unit is half inside and half outside. Now the part that is half outside where is it location? Is it inside a room or is it outside? This grow cab/room is it located in a room or is it like on the side of the house?

    Without having any exhaust your AC unit is going to be working overtime because all that heat has no where to escape to. Anything sealed should have an intake and exhaust not only to remove excess heat but also to remove stale air.

    I see that you said your last one was in a barn is this one going to be located in the barn as well?
  7. yes im putting it inside a large pole barn that has a concrete floor
  8. no more input? come on guys bump
  9. Sorry no input. Honestly it sounds as if your doing quite well. I am actually in the process as of 10 min ago of hauling the window mount AC I had from awhile ago up to the room. I am going to see if I can keep it on the floor to vent my flower and veg. I will attempt to exhaust its hot air through the bedroom out take vent. We will see I am experimenting now.
  10. Hi, The set up looks great. I am using the same type of air conditioning unit in my 7x7x7 grow room.
    I sits only on width of a concrete brick off the floor. In fact the bricks are used as support on both the inside and outside of the grow and the unit is duct taped in place after sliding in. It has a tupperware container underneath on the outside to catch moisture, but has never even had water in it. Not sure why, but who cares.
    it works great!
  11. Pics would be sweet bro

  12. there is a pic......i still havent been able to set it up though and its seriously killing me like i would do anything to go ahead and get the show on the road buttttttt......

    the pole barn that im going to put this in had alot of damage during a storm so im going to have to hold off until people get done working on it

    could be a week could be 2 months who knows.........

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