what do you guys think about chronic?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by skully, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. I went to cannagenetics.com to check out chronic.Im thinking of buying some chronic seeds.Is it as good as everyone says it is for yeild?And what do they mean when they say they vegged it for like 5-10 days?How do you get up to 600 grams by vegging for only 5-10 days?
  2. i think they mean 600gm per sq meter not per plant if thats wot ur thinkin. there wud b a lot of little plants in that kinda space.
  3. yeah i figured so..
    i just wanna plant thats going to be worth 3 months of time and get a descent yield instead and ounce on one plant i guess if i knew exactly what i was doing i could achieve a higher yield
  4. most sold seeds will give a good yeald if grown quite well by a beginner. some plants need a bit more experance than others tho. northen lights or allmost any northen lights cross is a good beginners plant. they dont need a lot of light, they tend to be short and stocky, have low smell high yeald and it packs a punch when u smoke it.

    i dont know how experanced u r or even if u have ever grown but if u was experanced then u wud prub know that any (female) plant is worth growing never mind 1 with a rep like cronic has. if u want to make sure of a good harvest then pick a plant that suits u and ur grow space.

    just wot i think.
  5. well right now im growing northernlights#5-blueberry.i have 2 females they look great and all.there 5 weeks into flowering under a 250 watt hps.this is my first grow and i think its going good.dont get me wrong i'll be happy with an ounce of each plant.I was just trying to figure out a way of increasing my yield a bit more,either by trying a new strain or maybe next grow i'll top the plants to get a better yield.

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