what do you guys do when you're out of weed???

Discussion in 'General' started by 420dave, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. oh and out of money. lol this sucks every so often i run out of drugs and money and i dont know what to do.
    what do y'all do?
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  2. Scrape your pieces, or borrow/ work for some money.
  3. friends man...make friends
  4. eat lots and lots of nutmeg and cry myself to sleep
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  5. <center><font size=6>Suffer. And it SUCKS!</font></center>
  6. scrape my pieces, unroll all my roaches and make a few fat joints (which taste kinda UGH but are hella stony).
    when that's done, if i am still out, i declare a "weed break" and keep myself busy with everything else to do out in this world :D
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  7. <center>actually, first I bitch for a while... [​IMG]
    ...then I scrape any and every peice of paraphenalia I have... and cut up any roaches I have to add to the resin...

    ...then I get royally baked... [​IMG]
    ...then, it's gone... and THAT's when I start to suffer... [​IMG]
    ...my best advice is to not run out... but I can't even follow that advice all the time...
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  8. i went and visited some of my friends and then i got one of my friends to spot me a dime
  9. that's the origin of the saying: A FRIEND WITH WEED IS A FRIEND INDEED!!
  10. yeah, someone that you need to get to know better.
  11. If there's NO WEED around, and all my friends are dry (fat chance) that's when you start to drink. make the most of your sad situation and drink your sorrows away until its just all fun. that's when you can use the excuse 'i was drunk' when you fuck up big time. Just don't wake up next to someone you've never seen!!!
  12. That would be difficult for the "Lady of Passion." ;)
  13. Hey come on now!! Be nice :)!!! I am a lady of passion soley to those who earn it. but either way-you burned me-damn you! lol
  14. Burned you? Please elaborate.
  15. hehe jada you're right ~ i had to quit for legal reasons for a couple months and woo the bar got a lot more visits from me! mr sierra nevada and senor tequila became more frequent visitors of mine.

    and you are a lady of passion in the utmost respect i think he meant it as a compliment actually :) :)
  16. Awhile back, I fell into a situation where my main connect met the new love of his life in a bar, took her home and she never left. Until they took her out in cuffs, (and him) for cooking meth! I'd used this guy for so long that I had lost contact with other hook-ups. He's gone for awhile!

    Had a little trouble sleeping for a few nights, but basically just figured the next opportunity would present itself when it was ready. Focused on how good it was gonna be when I did get some. And it WAS!

    Soon e'nuff, a new hook-up came along, and this dude's even better!

    *knocks wood*
  17. thanks ganjaphish!!!! And it does suck when you have to go dry, but there's always a solution. And hopefully it was a complitment. now, I think its about that time for me to light up for a bit, i wish the same to you

  18. HAHHAAHHHAHAHA...I have no reason why..but this made me laugh..lol

    greatest line Ive heard in awhile....lmao

    I usually get more...but if I don't have any.....aw well...I'll get better shit next time...but oh it hurts inside...lol

    peace everyone and I hope this doesn't happen too often.
  19. If it's dry locally ,I order out.:)
  20. hey, I was out of weed over the weekend cuz my hookup left town and my other one has been in jail for a month or so....

    Since we had a fair amount of money on us but just no weed, we stopped by the store at around midnight and baught 8 cans of whipped cream(they had some sort of deal where it was 4 bucks for two cans)....just sucked all the laughing gas out of those mothers then held our breath for as long as possible until we practically passed out....it was great, we got about three giant hits of NO2 from each bottle.

    (I wonder what the cashier was thinkin when he saw two young guys buying 8 cans of whipped cream at midnight on the weekend....oh well...fuck him...)

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