What do you guys do for money? other than real jobs

Discussion in 'General' started by 420dave, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. PLAY MUSIC!!!!!!
  2. i bootleg some software....movies.....music.....games(i know thats software too)......sometimes i sell a lil weed to make an extra buck.
  3. Ask my parents.
  4. play the lotto when it gets this big (over 125 mil in cali) and pray pray pray...

    dreamin of my lil house on a piece of land in mendo county w/ some horses and tons of other random animals~

    we'll find out any minute now if i can say KISS MY ASS to work tomorrow or not...

    hey!! i can dream can't i?
  5. buy weed in bulk, then five and dime it to little children all over town to corrupt their fragile little minds..muahahahaha!
  6. NOPE!
    YOU'd all be the first to know, too. It's up to $175 million in California, my friends, I am tryin harder than ever!
    (I never buy tickets!)
    If I win party for all of us when I get my house n land :D

    still dreamin~~

  7. LMAO...you sound like some of my friends.
  8. Either ask the fiance. Or try to sell pictures. Its fun to take pictures when your stoned and see how they come out. =)


  9. Hahahaha.. I used to do that in highschool, those little kids (7th,8th,9th grade) were happy with anything they got.
  10. is it wrong for me to take it a step further and cut the weed i sell to them with catnip?...i think not!..talk about profits up the wazoo!

    Oh well..theyre at that stage where they dont even get high, they smoke one mini bowl between a group of ten or so of them and then act like dipshits the rest of the day/night and blame it on being "high"....so i figure if they dont care...i dont care...and when/if they find out will be when they find a new dealer or stop all together, which will mean that its time for me to retire from the drug business and (gasp!)find a real job...

    is that wrong? am i going to stoner hell?
  11. i think thats just being a smart business man....if they were frie3nds or..not retarded little kids...then it would be wrong....u should once, just once, set them up with sum real fire and laugh as they are doing stupid things because they are actually high....or maybe fill a bag with dogpoo rolled in weed.....lol tell them its skunk

  12. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! ha ah ha ha ahaha ahaha!
  13. i dunno about the dog poo...but the problem with truly getting them high is that first of all they act like dumb asses without weed and second of all if they find out what its really like, they'll definately wanna do it again and again and smoking that half a bowl wont work anymore...i dont do it very often with them anyways, its sort of a side job dealing to them, I deal legit to my other customers cuz basically if i pulled something like that theyd burn my house down or something crazy.
  14. My husband and I have the same dream ganjaphish. We are believing for 10 acres with a big old barn. We want horses and chickens, and everything. We want it here in the midwest (we gotta stay close to our kids ya know) but...I know what your talking about!!!!!

    If we end up with our place we'll have a big party as well. That's a dream I'm believin for as well!!!!!


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