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What do you eat?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Hempfest09, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. What do you eat when your high? I eat fruit and little snacks.
  2. You're posting mad today. Just tossing that out thier. I usually eat food though.
  3. Yeah i like posting and today ive been really bored and just been sitting here thinking so i thought i would ask.
  4. Taquitos with cheese and salsa fresca on it if I'm home. If not I hit up McDonalds and get a caramel sundae and a large fry, no more no less.
  5. Damn some frys from mcDonalds sounds good right now lol.
  6. I get random cravings. Like I'll suddenly HAVE to have sour cream or cheesecake or celery and peanut butter...

    Otherwise just absolute junk snack food like chips and candy bars.
  7. I always have a craving for a milkshake from Burger King or Sonic. They make the best and they are so delicous when your baked.
  8. Jamocha shakes from Arbys are to die for when your yoasted. Everything else on their menu is awful except the value shakes

  9. Don't forget the Big Mac. That is delicious. I learned, however, that if you just get a McDouble and order the big mac sauce on it, you get the same amount of meat (lower quality though) for $1.35. As opposed to getting a $3.50 burger. Food for thought. And eating. But mostly for thought.
  10. What the hell? I thought only Inn-n-Out had a secret menu..:rolleyes:

  11. Yeah, it was like I discovered a long-lost treasure in my local McDonalds.

    Wait, I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic. Whatever, my point has been made. You can eat whatever you want to eat.

    Oh and on a separate topic: Has anyone had the KFC Double Down sandwhich? I understand that it has the ability to send you to the emergency room from heart clogging grease but it looks so good. I haven't had the chance to get there and every time I'm high I really want to go. Is it any good?
  12. It is amazing bro idgaf what people say haha it is so god damn good

  13. Damn.. I guess I know what I'm gonna have to do this weekend. Last time I tried to buy one it ended in disappointment. I was in an unknown part of my friend's neighborhood and I was following him to KFC. He ended up driving to some steak house, you have no idea how pissed I was. He was telling me that it was all good and they had really good steaks and I was pissed off just because he fucked with my head like that. The entire time I was picturing me eating and enjoying two crispy pieces of chicken with a couple strips of bacon and cheese on the inside, just to find out I had to eat a cheese steak.

    I think I have rekindled my desire to go out and get some KFC.

  14. Everyone in Miami does the ghetto bigmac. Don't forget the small fries to put on the mini bigmac for ultimate flavor.

    Youtube it.
  15. Just like BK... I work there, and I've yet to see someone save $4 by,
    instead of ordering a double stacker (cheese, bacon, thousandisland dressing/stack sauce), order a bacon double, only stack sauce.

  16. Now that's thinking outside the box. I do a similar thing with Taco Bell when I get the 99 cent cheese quesadilla, and I ask for the regular quesadilla sauce. I get it for free. It's a small victory against the man.

    Oh yeah I saw that video, and I tried it. But they must have changed their policy because they charge for sauce and buns. But I would still rather do that than pay extra for another bun. It's ridiculous.
  17. Naw I legitimately was awestruck by this amazing epiphany of the secret menu

  18. Oh, well that's good! That's how I felt when I found out about it too haha. It was like I had discovered something hidden for ages, almost like the Da Vinci Code or something. Sadly, I wasn't the first person to think this way. Far from it actually. But it still felt good.
  19. Yeah, next time I blaze Ill hit up McDonald's and for the life of me try to remember to get the McDouble and Big Mac sauce on it

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