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What do you drive?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stargazer, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. Ok guys, I'm just curious, what does everybody drive?

    I drive an emerald green '91 Camaro RS. Yes, it's old, but like new!

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  2. 91' Plymouth Acclaim LE

    I used to drive an 87' Mazda B2100. I miss the manual transmission.
  3. i drive a 97 intrepid.
  4. I drive a bicycle! Hey, it gets me where I need to go in... umm... An ok amount of time! :)
  5. don't drive right now. I totaled my car :( I'm looking for a turbo 1g dsm right now. Here's a pic

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  6. I drive a POS 93 toyota tercel, but since it failed inspection, I've been borrowing my moms 1978 monte carlo.

    clonemeister sheds a tear in remembrance of his 2nd car, a 1970 barracuda
  7. chevy blazer or a kia sedona..whatever mood im in at the time
  8. I used to drive an 81 Mercury Zephyr....but Burgita is kaput, so I drive my mom's 96 Monte Carlo when the occasion warrants
  9. i drive a white 86 chevy cavalier, its a good car, I wrecked it in the snow so the new hood and front end is blue and the ac doesnt work now. But I got a good pioneer deck with some damn decent factory speakers. And it drives pretty smoothly too. I want a Mazda rx7 tho once I get money in the bank.
  10. 1988 jeep cherokee. paint is chipping but runs good.:)
  11. chevy blazer but i miss my mazda protege
  12. 95 Jeep Wrangler. Starting to look a little rough around the edges. Had a LOT of fun in the thing though. Planning on keeping it til it falls apart. With the places I go, and the way I drive it, it probably won't be long until it falls apart. LOL
  13. i drive the city bus.. oh wait i ride the city bus because im one poor motherfucker *tear*
  14. '90 Dodge Shadow
  15. 99 ford f-550

    02 ford explorer
  16. I ride a 2002 Kaw.Zr7s With a stage 3 jet intake modified turbo exhaust,bord out 3 over K&N everything of course except the exhaust which I did personaly ...still have a few more things to do but right now it pushes about 173 MPH top....and for those that dont know its a Jet bike....Any questions just ask
  17. i drive a 2003 bmw 745i, its my dads but i still drive it
  18. we used to have a 4x4 87 toyota. ooohhhh i luved that truck. i miss it.
  19. 93' Eagle Talon... but some bastard backed into me and hurt my car... grr..
  20. I drive an 89 ford probe that my friends have aptly named.....

    "Anal Probius Maximus Centurian!!"

    I just call it Lucy.

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