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What do you do with your Vaporizer leftovers?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MicroGrow22, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. I use a Vapor Brothers Vaporizer, in the past, I used to give my leftovers to a friend who is a very light smoker, he used to love it (I'm sure the fact it was free helped), another friend who is a heavy smoker tried smoking them in a pipe, and wasn't too happy about it.

    My light smoker fan moved away, and ever since I've been throwing the leftovers out.

    A month and a half ago, my delivery guy suggested I cook with the leftovers, which doesn't sounds like a bad idea, especially if I have enough of it.

    Has anyone tried cooking with it?
  2. saved em and made hash, decent amount too (half-ounce of vape poo used)

    edit: lol your delivery guy suggested cooking with it, what the hell?
  3. Vapor Bros Vape FTW

    Heres my vaped Goods


    1.5o of vapedness i gota figure out wat to do with it gona subs to his one wat yaal think?
  4. how much hash would i get from this?
  5. I'd assume 2-5 Grams depending on method used?
  6. What would be the best method in your opinion sadly in my country its hard for me to find ISO alcohol what is a good method to use to maximize yield and get some good hash

    thx in Adv!

  7. my skuff goes in the trash.. all that heat from a vape has to kill off most of the thc content, maybe come cannaboids left.
  8. Dude, DO NOT throw your poo out - there ARE definitely still cannabidnols left, and as stated you can easily extract them using several methods. Sure, it's not worth smoking, but you can make a lot of cool items out of it.
  9. i usually toss mine
    1. cuz i toast it pretty dark
    2. after afew months of the poo sitting in a film canister it began to smell pretty nasty
  10. Mine are mostly yellow and a little brown.
    I think I'm going to collect about half an oz or a little more and make cookies, sounds like it might be the best option, maybe I'll read on making hash, but I've made butter before and I know it works.
  11. i keep mine in two bags, one for weed that i vaped once, and then when i'm dry/poor i just re-vape the vaped weed and put it into the second bag. i'm not sure what i'm going to do with the second bag, i'm just keeping it for now. i usually get a few hits out of a bowl of once-vaped weed, so it's kind of a treat sometimes. tastes bad though.
  12. make brownies, some of the CBDs arent vaporized and the fat from butter absorbs them
  13. Well that pic is a bit greener than i Vape....but i smoke the leftovers too.....through a bud bomb....get mildly baked from it too....o and btw..Hi everybody:wave:
  14. I usually just toss it out, but you can definitely cook with large amounts of vape poo.
  15. make some honey oil out of that shit.
    thats what im talkin about
  16. followed hashmouths ice hash :) will post pics of end results and before i filter it :)

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