What do you do with your friends at night?

Discussion in 'General' started by jimboob, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. ...like besides smoke and drink?

    fuck man i quit smoking cause it made me too anxious and caused binge eating

    and i'm getting bored with drinking.

    Not gonna lie I kinda wanna stay sober for a while but theres just nothing to fucking do at night. During the day it's no problem with work and sports and whatnot

    but at night....shit man i've been just getting messed up everynight for so long I don't remember what its like not to get messed up at night.

    A girl would be nice but i'm leaving for college in a few weeks so that'd be pointless. And whenever there's girls around you bet your ass im gonna be drinking.

    I'm talking about those nights when im just with my boys. Been sitting in the same chair drinking the same beer or smoking the same weed for far too long.
  2. Netflix, PS3, walk places to get stuff, go for short slow drives to places of interest.
  3. we just drive around, or play something on the 360. sometimes we'll go to the movies or something like that. we're pretty boring haha
  4. yeah im thinkin more active shit like handball, airsoft...
  5. yea I feel you. I don't smoke anymore but all my friends still do so I've been getting drunk a lot lol. I don't mind it and it's a lot more fun when you can actually go out to a bar which I do lot but it gets expensive. I've known my friends for a long ass time so we can literally just sit in an empty room together and still have fun and be chill. I guess it's different for everyone though. I've come across those kinds of people that are constantly asking "what are doing man" "where we going mann" and they always got to be "doing something" that's not kosher brah.
  6. ^word, i got a hoop at my house

    I should start chillin around my hood more often there's more shit to do
  7. double dutch rudder...gooooood times...
  8. Did anyone already post jacking off
  9. skate, drink, car meets, party, raves, clubs, race, or just go grub on some pho and drink boba

  10. Yeah thats another thing. Smoking and drinking really emptied my pockets this summer. I have very little money for school now...

    Think i'm just gonna stop throwing down for beer and just won't drink...kinda sucks though bein that guy. I've been just really into my health latley I guess...i kinda feel better sober nowadays.

    I miss the times where getting fucked up was a memorable special occasion, not everyfuckinnight, you know?
  11. that's what i'm talking about man haha.. get moving too good for the heart lol :cool:
  12. dude exactly what i think. It is kind of a different kind of fun when you're staying sober and everyone else around you is getting baked and getting drunk. I'm going into the army in a couple days so I've been working out like crazy and eating healthy and shit but all my friends are ragging on me when their the ones playing beer pong and eating pizza 7 days a week. not hating on them because I like doing that too but not as much as I used to I guess. I chalk it up to getting wiser/more mature and just taking responsibility for your life. don't get me wrong though I still like to party and have a good time though. moderation is key lol.
  13. pretend i have them

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