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What do you do with your bags?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Markyb, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. I end up keeping them usually, iv got a small tin where i keep my lighter and joints and i just put them at the bottom and put a small bit of tape to keep them down :p
  2. Jizz containers.

    OR I use them to bring weed out.
  3. Sounds like some great depression type stuff haha kidding i save little usefull things too but when it comes to thc tainted bags eh id much rather just get rid of em if ya know what i mean;)
  4. i scratch them
  5. Empty and throw tham away
  6. I collect mine ahhahaa
  7. I have an old bag of Black Magic and I just put all my other baggies inside that :)
  8. i keep all my baggies. a lot of the time your dealers will forget to bring an actual bag or just not have any.
    my dealer usually just wraps the weed in some paper, which isn't really conducive to blocking the smell, so i like to transfer it to a baggie once i get back to my room for safety's sake.
  9. No bags. Goes straight from my guys jar into my jar.
  10. Throw em away.
  11. I keep my stanky in a mason jar or a pill bottle (trans-mode)

    If its mids then I have some little baggies I bought at a flea market.
  12. usually i keep the ones with really cool prints on them like for a straight month i got batman bags every time i picked up from this one guy. but most of the time i throw the empty bags away because most of the time its just a zip lock bag so its nothing to special
  13. I have like 3284823483 just scattered everywhere..
  14. I recycle them! :smoke:
  15. I usually toss em, their just extra paraphenalia laying around. I do keep a few just in case
  16. ohhhh weed bags!

    i just throw em
  17. i usually get rid of them because i live with my rents. a few times when ive had vials that are from the club and say stuff about bud on them ill just leave them on the cross walk in front of school just to fuck with people.
  18. i always flush em down the toilet. Baggys are probable cause even when empty, which means a cop can start sticking his snout in your business. Better safe then sorry. :cool:
  19. keep em. i have about 15 - 20 cellophane from my cigs that i use to store my shit

  20. Your toilet will end up getting blocked one day and it will cost thousands of dollars to get it fixed and will take a LONG time.

    Fucking idiot

    I mean, I really dont mean to offend you or anything, but dont flush plastic down your toilet dude, the reason shit and toilet paper go down is because they break up.

    The plastic will end up getting stuck to the walls of your pipes connected to the toilet and will fuck your whole system up

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