what do you do when youre

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  1. out of money and weed? because id like some weed but i have $0 and i do not have a job or a car to take me to a place of employment prostitution is not an option don't suggest that please!!
    i can get $60 this weekend if i do an odd job for my dad but i kinda want some money before then so give me some tips please. 

  2. If you can't work the corner for it you don't want it bad enough.
    Do something to take your mind of drugs for the time being. Think of it as a mini t-break
  4. lol don't make that face please!! and yeah i figured i didn't really have any other options 
  5. I build up friendships with people so they can help me out when I'm in a pinch. 
  6. That's pretty shallow.
  7. I just drink heavily
  8. If you had a decent dealer he'd front you. Mine occasionally fronts only up to a quarter tho
  9. [​IMG]
    until you get the $60, best option tbh
  10. Walk the streets and search trash cans for bottles and cans
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    When I don't have €€€ or weed?!
    I stroll into the dole office with a dress cane, a pimp cup.. pick up my 'job seekers' allowance (can't remember how many euros it is) and while walking out with the governments money, I shout "I SMOKE WEED EVERYDAYYYY MOTHAFUCKKKA"
    No lol, I don't really.. I have a job, but that's always something I wanted to do
    I don't know about your situation though man.. masturbate and educate yo
  12. Call up aunts, uncles or anybody you know and ask if you can cut their grass for a little bit of cashhh.
    I hate people like you. 
    this guy has no friends
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    as trite as it sounds, why don't you at least try to find a job?
    how is it that you and your dad can find the means to do odd-jobs, but can't go to a staffing agency.
    and, you're on computer for, ffs. make an account on careerbuilder.com, post your resume, and have somebody call you in for an interview?
  16. i'm leaving in two weeks for school otherwise i would definitely do that. i was away for 6 weeks for summer school. but anyway i just remembered at the beginning of the summer i bought an 8th from a friend but we didn't have a scale so when i got home to weigh it i was 1.5 g short. she said she'd give me the rest or just give me $20 back but i haven't seen her since then. i texted her to see if she has any weed left.
    and the "odd job" is cleaning his office for him. he used to pay someone to do it, but she quit so i did it for a while but then i went to school and now he does it himself but if i offer to do it hell let me and pay me for it. 
  17. Armed Robbery, its your only option, now go get a gun ( the weed made me say this )
    jk jk jk jk, please dont do that, yeah a job, any job for now, is what you need, get a routine, plus when you have a job its easier to find another job.
  18. no one is gonna hire me for 2 weeks job is out of the question!!

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