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What do you do when you're buying?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kevver, May 12, 2010.

  1. Like do you give the dealer the money first or ask them to let you handle the weed for a little bit and see how it is?

    I myself usually try to handle it pre-buying, but some people that hook me up don't let me so I don't know, just curious :smoking:
  2. I watch them weigh it out and hand off the cash as they hand off the bud.
  3. My dealers are friends of mine, so i dont think i can help you out on this one
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    Before buying anything make sure that you handle the bud... so in other words smell it and look at it and make sure you are getting what you paid for. Once you are satisfied give him the money. Also make sure they weigh it out in front of you if you don't have your own scale to make sure you are getting the correct amount.
  5. my guy scales it out in front of me so i actually know how much im getting for my momey. and he usually hooks me up pretty good as i can see for myself :smoking:
  6. Always see what your buying before you pay for it.
  7. I do see it before buying, but I don't handle it and see if it's sticky hairy,etc. I can always smell the weed since a majority of the stuff is so dank. These two guys I buy from usually just walk out right when they give it to me in a sort of non-suspicious manner and then there is people that just chill there and will weigh it or just lounge with me and see if I like it - which is what made me curious to ask this :)
  8. I get in his car, or he comes to my house, he weighs it out in front of me(fat:D) and i hand him the money.
  9. i smell it and give him the cash. I haven't been ripped off yet either
  10. I usually just meet my dude at his house and quickly make the trade. I used to always take time to check out what I was buying, but now I know my dude is reliable.

    And he always hooks me up :smoking:
  11. I've done the give the money to a friend to hook me up and that was how I used to do it, yes ideally I would have liked to have been there, but I trusted my friends and they always came through, not too many issues. Most recently I was at my buddy's house and he called one of his dealers over to hook me up, real nice dude, someone I plan on buying from from now on. After this I'd say always try to be there in person and at least smell what u are buying. I also bought a 10 dollar scale on ebay to verify what the weight is.

    I've also recently, before the above mentioned, gave my $ to my GF's friend who was going to hook us up, that was a wild goose chase and I will NOT be doing that again, thats a story for another thread.
  12. Some connects you can be friends with and its a cool atmosphere, they'll let you check shit out and decide if you want it before you give them the cash.

    For instance, I have a homie...i called him my homie again, excuse me, my connect, who ill just go chill at his pad and well smoke...and eventually hell get around to giving me the sack lol. Its never an issue.

    Then, there's another connect I have, straight fucking ese. He's the head of some gang in my city which will remain unnamed; and yeah, there's no arguing over pricing or whatever. He's going to give you 1.2, 1.3 when you get there for the dub. of kush. Which gives noone any reason to complain. 45$ eighths... etc hes always got the fire. Puts it on the scale in front of you, he's a real good guy. I just wouldnt want to be on his bad side. He's one of those "always strapped" types.

    Not a lot of negotiations if you get what i'm saying.
  13. I never get skeezed I actaully saved they ass from the cops twice already... we just do the handshake and separate...
  14. I give him money he gives me weed, no scales
  15. Quickest way to do it but how do you know you're getting what you paid for?
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    with my dealers, They hand me weed, i hand money over, I will never front money, NEVER do I front, If they dont have it, I call another guy. So on and so on.

    I usually drive up to their house they jump in the car, we go for a drive for a bowl. then I drop him back off.

    Or I just wait outside, we deal, then we will sit and talk with him out side the car for a few mins.

    Or I go inside deal, smoke chill out for 20mins then leave..

    Then I go home and weigh out the bag. If it short by anything more then .5g I will call them and be like hey. But usually only if its a Gram or more light. I never do get ripped off anything more then .3g-.5g because they weighed in bag or quickly weighed. My dealers No not to rip me off because they will lose my every 3 day business. If your dealers rip you off, DONT GO TO THEM!!!!!

    Either way. I dont make things look sketchy by looking all around, scouting out the area 4 times then pull up. I dont do anything that doesnt look like a casual meet and greet.

  17. Ya if Im in a hurry i'll just take it with no scales, but i trust my dealer a lot and I have a scale so it all works out:smoking:
  18. Don't even let them trim you that .3, that's money in their pockets and out of yours. .3 is a bowl, that's a wake and bake, a tuck into bed, 1/4th of a blunt...

    If they skimp you .3, call them back and be like "Yo, you got me on that .3 or what?" If they want to front and say no, just don't bring them any more business. You really gain nothing by getting lower than you asked for.
  19. I watch them weight it out, smoke a bowl with them, then hand them cash if its good, if it's not, they know whats up.

    You gotta keep finding new people till you find one that isnt going to skimp you. If they skimp you, move on. Eventually, you will find a legit person.
  20. I grab it shove it up my ass and run. The perks are obvious: you already have your stash hidden in case tha police stop you, and you save money. It's worked like 6 times on the same dude for me

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