What do you do when youre bored

Discussion in 'General' started by AgeOfParanoia, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Idk about you guys but I do weird shit....earlier today I was looking at my hands and I freaked out about how small my fingers were haha
    all I pictured was
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  3. I vape some weed, haha
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  4. omg that was literally my reaction!!!
  5. I tinker around the house.....like instead of opening and closing the sliding screen door for my dogs to go out side i pulled off the bottom corner of the screen part and put magnets around the edges so it would click shut. Good news, dogs actual use it.
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  6. Three things you need to know about me: I love my family, I love my country, and I love my penis.
    Three things you don't need to know, but three things that I do when I'm bored:
    I masturbate, I masturbate a lot. On a good day, I would probably put @Omega369 to shame.
    I smoke, I smoke a lot. On a good day, I would probably put @AR Toasty to shame
    I read, I read a lot. On a good day, I would probably put @Storm Crow to shame.
    If that isn't a statement, I don't know what is. 
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  7. Fat dabs and watch bubble man. r3dband, tokin daily, customgrow420, brett maverick and a lot of other good youtubers.
  8. Get high and watch Walking Dead marathons.
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  9. I have large hands for my body size. .

    I rarely get bored, when I do I'll watch some youtube.
  10. um....does the hands thing mean masturbate cause you kinda lost me there a little.
  11. Haha no no, I've noticed my hands are about the size of hands that belong on people over 6 feet. I'm 5-10 but my hands are larger than most people who are about 6 feet.
  12. When I'm bored I'll fuck around with my worm bin..harvest some worm castings or whatever..maybe play some xbox.
  13. lol oh okay. I have quite small hands...obviously...or else I wouldn't have made this thread
  14. Also I like playing with my dog, I'll stomp the ground and she will drop down and do the argh noise and then I'll chase her around the house.
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  15. I jerk off, play video games, take a nap. Doesn't take much to entertain me.
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  16. I smoke weed, play an instrument(s), listen to music, watch netflix/YouTube, jerk off. Oh and grasscity.
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  17. Modify my World Domination Plan now with a Pirate Ship with a Rainbow Sail! plans, test pirate ship designs...Yanno?  Hull capacity, infrastructure, ability to take a cannon shot to port side while fighting a mean Northerly Wind.
    And feed my pet dragon. :cool:
  18. sounds like my life. Not the jerk off part...well the female version yeah but yep...very boring life
  19. Boring? I fucking love it!
  20. after doing the same thing over and over it gets old to me.
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