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What do you do when your high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dreedyweedy, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. :cool:I chill, play some poker, and listen to The Doors. My friend just hooked me up with a nice big joint so im feelin good.:smoke:
  2. I think of ways to get higher
  3. duplicate thread
  4. x100 lol
  5. You're optimistic.
  6. Those last few posts have me confused as hell. Maybe if I smoke another bowl, I'll somehow get smarter.

    Doubt that, but I'll just go with my fucked up logic. Just two more bowls and I'll take a break to go get a few cans of Monster energy drink and maybe some Jimmy Johns. After that I'll probably eat my Jimmy John's, followed by another bowl or two, and go fuck around at Walmart for an hour or so, possibly followed by another bowl or two. I'm smoking a lot of bud with my small budget, meaning this will bite me in the ass later, but this being my day off means I should celebrate. Shit man, I'm so high right now and just went with my instinctive typing.

    Playing dice while listening to Ganja Babe by Michael Franti while toking up is great.

    Shit, I'm done now.
  7. Scratching and beat juggling on my turntables is pure bliss with a joint on my lips.
  8. I post duplicate threads when I get high.
  9. i laugh...alot
  10. play xbox, have a wank, eat alot, smoke some more, go for a drive somewhere....
  11. I get high and then decide what I feel like doing
  12. play some mad beats, usually lil weeeezyy then go play some puck and dangle and make ppl look foolish haha
  13. :hello:

    quoted for great truth
  14. Sit around, play Halo, Madden 08 Mini Games. Listen to music, talk. Smoke some more.
  15. more active, I prefer rollerblding and school worlk, keeps me locked on the page
  16. listen to some music, watch a movie or eat..
  17. smoke, scratch my ass, smoke, scratch my ass, smoke, bagel, smoke...

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