What do you do for a living?

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  1. I got this job around 6 months.

    It's pretty shitty; I'm working in office doing the usual telesales calls and the such, as well as data work on the side.

    It's pretty shit, and I get a lot of abuse, but then again It's good money.

    My boss is a nice guy, but is always away.

    When he's away, I'm in the office by myself, but when he's back he sometimes smokes with me, so it's chillin'. :smoke:

    It's not particularly a job I'd like to proceed with much further, but it's great for the time being.

    So, what do you do for a living?
  2. Hey man at least you have a good job. I myself drew the shit end of the stick and landed a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant called houlihans. It's not that bad. Just hate having to stay until 2 am to close. But everyone there is chill.
  3. It's better than nothing though, man!

    I'd rather be a dishwasher than unemployed!

    At the end of the week/month, you still get your paycheck all to yourself!
  4. I sell appliances. Its not to bad me and the manger are chill. Well make a 500 draw every week and also can collect spiffs were you can make some real money.
  5. My first job was when I was 13, (1994) I worked at auctions, flea markets and fairs, selling shirts, unloading the truck and setting up the tent. It paid $30 a day, not bad for a kid.
    Right now i work as a part time delivery guy for a local small town family run furniture/flooring store.

    I've had several jobs over the years though. Some paid great some didn't. But if it's stressful I move on. I prefer cash jobs.

    To name a few

    Lawn care
    Metal anodizing
    Plastic projection molding
    Lumber mill
    Heavy equipment, loading gravel trains (semi truck with double trailers)
    Produce, meat and dairy warehouse (unloading semis)
    Laser operator (cutting armor grade steel for military vehicles)
    Fork truck operator

    Im gonna add my dream job too. I would like to own a drive in movie theatre and buger shack. Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 7-8 months a year and vacation in the south for the winter.

  6. i smoke pot professionally

  7. Amen brother.
  8. full time hustla
  9. thanks for stiimulating the economy :rolleyes:
  10. Pipe fitter in industrial construction. 60 hrs/week 66k/ year. Blazing dank all day! :) - Nebraska
  11. In no particular order,

    Security Guard
    Architect - my next goal
  12. Ima dishwasher too. Shits fucking awful. Coming in high just makes it worse because I'm not as quick. I swear once I get a good foot hold I the bank I'm out
  13. Student, EMT/medic.

  14. Washes pots and dishes gives you a solid work ethic and is a good first job or a good job to give you a work ethic if its not the first job youve held.
    Started off on dishes worked my way up to cook in 3 years. Some days i hate some days i dont mind work
  15. Nothing right now because Im focusing on school, but Im in college right now for Computer Art and Animation, in hopes of getting a job at the Lite center near where I live, or somewhere else that does animation:) At first I wasnt going to go to college, but I kept thinking about how terrible it would be to have to work some minimum wage job my whole life. As long as I can get pretty much any career where I make enough to get by, Ill be happy:D
  16. Donate to the local sperm bank. Full time.
  17. i want this job ..do you ever aak for assistance:D?
  18. Just a low key labor job.. Fairly easy work but work with my hands which I like. Make 16-19 bucks an hour depending on the week. Saving up to go to school in the fall.
  19. In three years I plan on my life being much different. If things go as planned ill never get a job again.
  20. I'm a shift manager in a fast food place. Super crappy job, 50 cents over minimum wage and I have all the responsibility. The GM is never in, so I have to make most of the decisions and deal with most of the problems.

    Overworked. Underpaid. *Sigh* Oh well it's a paycheck lol. I'll move on to bigger, better things as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

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