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what do you cough off most

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by billy dempsey, Apr 9, 2003.


what do you choke off the most?

  1. Blunt

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  2. Bong

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  3. Bowl

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  4. Joint

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. i dont ever cough when smoking bowls, but when i smoke bowls, but when i smoke joints or bongs or blunts i tend to cuoght a little more, any ways which one makes you couggh the most?
  3. i smoke some on bowls like hardly ever on bongs hits. and a lot on joints. i seem to get the highest on joints though. and i have never actually had a blunt. i might have to try that this weekend
  4. blunts are a must o ya and i got a q how do u do the smilie faces that like can do the most stuff
  5. A bong will choke me quick.
  6. A bong. I never choke on joints or blunts. I haven't smoked a pipe enough to know....
  7. Bongs always get the best of me.
  8. The bong makes me cough
  9. joints kill me. I can handle blunts, pipes are okay, and I very rarely cough on my bongs, when I make good ones. Get at least 20 ounces of freezing cold water and you barely know you're breathing smoke.
  10. bong hits fer sure, but prolly cause when i hit a bong i hit it hard. I find it easier to control my tokin when hittin a joint than a pipe or a bong.
  11. only blunts... rarelly though...
  12. depends what state my lungs are in before i start i guess... normally bongs just slip down and out nice and smoothly... not first thing or at the end of a heavy day though. i find i start coughing some 2/3rds of the way through a spliff, it all gets a bit much for my feeble unhealthy body... should sort that out really soon ;)
  13. I'd have to say blunts my me choke by far worse than any other smoking method...I hate blunts, I'm a bong type of person.....nothing else really

  14. i really dont cough...
  15. bongs
    that is of course after im already pretty damn high. and you eventually get to the point (during a bong session) where ur so high u cant even feel the smoke entering your lungs nemore.its like i sit and rip and rip without even caring that im gettin WAY to BIG of a hit and a huge load of smoke sneaks up on you and you end up coughin up a storm
  16. Those hits from the bong will kill me. I almost made myself puke the first time I ever smoked outta one. But then agian, I got a HUGE fucking hit too. But I cough a lot from bongs. Blunts are the second.
  17. aside from hash powder last weekend which nearly killed me :p , a waterbong *can* put me on my face pretty quick depending how good the weed/bong is.
  18. i've never had a blunt before, so for me bongs freakck me up hella good because you can't tell how much smoke ure taking in, until you blow out and choke to death. Sorry if im ranting right now im sorta messed up, lol, and i hella wanted to come here and write.

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