what do you consider the best thing in life?

Discussion in 'General' started by dezz, Aug 7, 2012.

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    It could be anything blades from feeling to a physical item?

    Mine would be a smile from someone you Care about, not like just a random person out in the street.

    Damit, one chose!
  2. Weed, Women, and Money.

    All you need.
  3. weed, coffee, bacon, and chicken
  4. FAMILY.....THat is all

  5. I didn't know Weed, Women and Money was a thing.
  6. Weed, without a doubt.
  7. God.
  8. Me of course
  9. People I love. I could live in poverty, I could live without bud, I don't know what I would do without the people I care about.
  10. Bacon

    God I love bacon

  11. God is number one? Might as well have listed mystical and magical elves that roam the forest making little cookies. And you dont have "Freedom". No one really has "freedom".
  12. You had any Prednizone lately??? :D

    As for me, numero uno is my dogs. Then Dale Purves' great "Neuroscience".

    Then loving and fucking and fucking.
  13. The best thing in Life is the ability to create New Life.
  14. It is miraculous! But the poor kid's just gonna live, fuck around, and die. But I jest. You're right. And kids are so wonderful. Wish i were on again. They're what adults that are all wrapped up in the bs of themselves attain in satori - sort of... or, I dunno. Maybe forget that. Could be fucked shit there.
  15. Ive thought about this alot and while family/money/weed/bitches are nice, I think the best thing in my life is the future and mystery to it all. I guess it kinda goes along with Flemian in a way but Im talking about the astonishment and curiosity of life itself.

    Im also that guy you'd find at night laying on the grass looking at the stars listening to pink floyd... that really hits home with me. :D

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