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What do you consider "heavy use"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zombiemode, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hey I read that it says 3 to 7 days and only up to >30 days if its heavy use.

    Here is my situation: I smoked a total of, I would say, 3 or 4 days. Then 2 days break and smoked one last time.

    The first day I took one tiny toke because it was my first time in 2 months.
    Next day I took another slightly bigger toke, but still only one.
    Third day I ate 3 firecrackers that amounted to roughly .5 of dank.
    Fourth day I took like 3 maybe 4 tokes, not sure I was drunk.

    Then after the 2 day break I smoked like a .7 or .8 joint with 3 other people.

    Its been 2 weeks and 1 day since my last toke. I haven't really been exercising but I haven't been sitting around all day everyday. I have been doing at least an hour of yard work each day and doing a good amount of sweating. I also drink a LOT of liquids; I normally do drink a lot, to the point where I am always drinking at any given point in the day. I have been drinking mostly Green Tea, a can of Pepsi here and there, and Sweet Tea. I weigh roughly 170 pounds, 5'11", and I am wondering if I could pass a drug test right now, and if not how long do you think it will take me to get clean?
  2. Heavy use of marijuana is classified as consuming marijuana 300 days out of the year, at least according to the medical community.

    I don't think you'll come up after 2 weeks, but I'm no expert.
  3. Haha, 300 days...Weaklings.:cool:
  4. #4 OGkushak, Aug 11, 2011
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    L.O.L that generated a sober laugh
  5. All day, every day. :cool:
  6. LOL, heavy use is smoking and ingesting as much as you want all day everyday. Lucky few can do that... :)
  7. :eek: I'm pretty sure I qualify for the prize
  8. Can anyone assure me that I will pass a test? to be specific it is a 50ng/ml cut off .
  9. I am pretty sure you will pass it, as I passed the 50something test after smoking 3 days in a row with only 1 tiny toke each day and after these 3 days I passed, so you must be more then good.

    Just make sure you drink enough water b4 the test so your piss is slightly diluted, but not see-through.
  10. I just wanted to follow up on this thread saying that I purchased a home drug test today with a threshold of 50ng/ml. I only drank one water bottle sized thing of green tea from 10:30 am to about 2:45, and I used either my first or second piss of the day I can't remember. I also didn't use midstream I went right into the cup. My goal was to not try and beat the test, just so I know I am truly safe. If i read the test right I came up negative, solid red line for the control, and a pretty faint rose colored line for the test. So that means I am clean, or at least below 50ng/ml, which by my understanding is the most precise piss test you'll get other than a confirmation test. Thanks for the help.
  11. It's summer time for me so with an all free schedule each day I basically am high about at least 16 hours a day. In my small little town mostly everyone around here smokes, it's like a weed city.. almost every block got someone with trees, literally.

  12. i guess were all heavy using potheads, and the rest of the world is heavy using alcoholics lol
  13. I consider it normal ;)
  14. I think if you just drink plenty of water and try to be active at least an hour a day you should be fine. I have a friend who passed a ua with 4 days notice just by drinking a lot of water.
  15. Who the fuck cares??? Woohoo! Smoke weed :)

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