what do you call your weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by mca0092, Aug 26, 2008.

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  2. dro,dank,chronic,green,herb,pot.. haha :p
  3. Shoe polish, or polish for short...when my shoes look a little dull I give them a good shine ^.^
  4. weed, pot , mary, mj ,green, ganja, herb, grass,reeferr haha idk i use alot of words forit
    happy leaf XD
  5. I'll call it nearly anything but I like to call it 'nugget'
  6. psychotropics
  7. In highschool me and my friend would call it bibles. We would always tell her mom we were gonna go pray lol
  8. bud 5 characters
  9. i call it gangsta
  10. hash,weed,grass,
  11. Sweetheart :love:

  12. wen i get dank i kall it hashmouf or AW for august west

    cause they always be growin da dankest shit around, i always think of em wen i get dank

  13. weed.
    short and sweet.
  14. "WAIT! Where's my weedage at?!"

    It just kinda comes out like that. :confused:
  15. Yesca,yesca is marijuana in spanish :)
  16. bud, herb
  17. mostly Bud, also Weed, Pot, and Herb but mostly Bud >>
  18. bud, dank, fire

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