What do you call this?

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  1. I made this myself, I call it a jet (I have a british friend who calls it one so that what I call it, I'm USA btw)


    With this device you full the bag out from the inside which pulls a lot of smoke in and you don't waste, this fucker gets me so high because no smoke is wasted. Anyways, what do you guys call it? I hear so many different names.

    By the way I added another section too it, you might notice the bottle is very tall. It now holds 3 liters.

    :smoking: Im really stoned....at the moment :smoking:
  2. Is that a lung?
  3. yeah man that looks like a lunger
  4. Yes lung is another I have heard besides jet. But I could have sworn I heard other names,
  5. Is that a lung or a gravity bong? Pictures make it hard to tell. :p
  6. it's called a parachute where i'm from if that's a plastic bag inside
  7. Thats a lung
  8. Lung status right thurr
  9. To me, a lung/parachute is one that is made with a plastic bag or made without water but amplifies the gravity effect.

    A gravity bong, however, would be one with water.
  10. yea.. truthfully, those are just awful...

    the smoke gets stale before you can empty the bag.. unless its a small bag.. which kinda defeats the purpose.

    wanna conserve weed? pack hits unstead of bowls. One bowl, one hit. you'll never waste any smoke..
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    we call em "chutes" or "parachutes" or "fuckmychesthurts"

    i disagree that chutes are wasteful or not a good method of weed conservation. When i used to smoke them, mine were 1/3 the size of that one and really could fuck you up on very little weed.
  12. they're called GHETTO!! haha
    jk by all means they can and will fuck you up but your buds will be gone in a jiffy :)
  13. we call that a bread-bag (bong) where im from cuz we use a bread bag for the bottom part.. i made one but never used it fuckin cops came in the crib and i threw it away b4 the saw me
  14. Goddamn Police.:devious:
  15. That, my friend, is what I call a lung.
  16. I have just recently heard them being called a dry grav, (update whatev)
  17. lung

    i call it crap though

    but if you want to really get high (and die)
    blow your hit back into the bag and inhale/exhale/inhale/exhale
    equals lung diseases

    i regret "pumping" gravity bong and lung hits

    but anyways, GRAVITY BONG > lung

    have fun and try "pumping"
    but only till your vision and hearing is distorted due to lack of oxygen and extreme amounts of co2

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